About Seeders

Seeders is your one-stop-shop cross-border marketing agency, specializing in market entry marketing strategies. Our team sets itself apart in the field of SEO, Link Building, Digital PR, content, and advertising. A brand’s success greatly depends on its online presence, let alone when you’re looking to enter a new market! With an ever-growing presence of offices across the globe, we are able to create effective local, as well as global impact in virtually every international market. Whether you’re a budding new company, or a wintered eCommerce behemoth, we’re ready to skyrocket your revenue 🚀


    Every challenge requires a unique strategy, we’d love to hear about yours!


    Founded in 2012 in Zwolle (The Netherlands), Seeders has over the last few years experienced exponential growth. From the get-go, our mission has been to make authority marketing more transparent for everyone involved. Clients should know exactly what’s happening and be able to co-create with their agency. We strongly believe in working with our clients, instead of working for them. Through long-lasting partnerships, Seeders now helps countless companies build a stronger digital future for themselves, all using 100% transparent SEO & Link building strategies. 


    Whether your company is already spanning across multiple countries, or you’ve just started your expansion strategy; as your company grows, you’ll start looking for more and more expansion opportunities. The inevitable result being: global expansion. At Seeders, we’ve build up extensive networks in countless markets, to be able to function as your one-stop-shop global authority agency, able to cater to any and all of your digital needs. Because of this, our team has the local knowledge needed to get your company off to a flying start in a new market. Never again will you have to struggle with communicating with different agencies for all of your active markets. Seeders is your local-international partner. We’re ready to scale your business internationally.

    DELOITTE FAST50 2023

    After multiple years of rapid growth, Seeders has made it to the 29th place of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 2023 in the Netherlands! A prestigious list of the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in the Netherlands 🚀 We’re extremely proud of our fantastic team, which made this a reality, and we are very grateful to our wonderful clients, who have been entrusting us with their online authority over the past 10+ years!