It is our hearts desire to help as many international companies as possible with their European SEO strategy. Of course always aimed at the local population, with content created by native speakers. We started Seeders 8 years ago with the intention to deliver high quality SEO services and linkbuilding campaigns. Initially we focused on the Benelux, helping Dutch and Belgian companies by boosting their organic traffic from search engines. But as the years crept by, we gradually started receiving more requests from companies that were looking to expand beyond borders.

Eagerly jumping at these requests, we started delivering European SEO services to companies throughout Europe that were looking to target audiences in Spain, Italy, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Austria. At this point we also started building our European publisher network. This network contains high quality blogs, magazines and other platforms from every European country on which we can publish articles and place backlinks. In the past year we started to receive a lot international requests for our services as well. All of them being from international companies that were looking for our breakthrough methods and European SEO services.

Our headquarters are located in Zwolle, the Netherlands, just an hour away from the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. At our offices we house a team of 20 SEO specialists, dedicated to improving your platforms’ rankings. Additionally we work with over 30 local translators and SEO specialists from every country in Europe.

We aren’t without vision and plans for the future either. In the coming years we are looking to expand throughout Europe. In the next three years we are looking to open offices in Italy, Portugal, Germany and Poland.

Seeders team

Meet our Seeders professionals!

Dennis Akkerman

Gerjan Schoemaker
Senior SEO Guru

Romy Alferink
Projectmanager Online Marketing

Alain Wolffenbuttel

Dennis Nauta
Head of Sales

Mart-Jan ten Broeke

Anne Wind

Anne Wind
Online Marketer

Max Kiekebosch
Online Marketeer

Nina Plus
Content Marketer

Jelisa Hessels
Publisher Manager

Victor de Jong
Online Marketer

Arnout Kleine Deters
Online Marketer

Michiel Klein Horsman
Online Marketer

Joyce Schreuder
Allround Administrative Assistant

Niels Krikke
Intern Online Marketing