Google PageSpeed

Over the past few years, the loading speed of a web page has become increasingly important in technical SEO. Thanks to Google Core updates, it is now more critical than ever for websites to load quickly and be user-friendly. But how do you measure a website's loading speed, and how can you improve it? We've compiled all the key points [...]

Seeders Enters Joint Venture with Passion Digital

Seeders, a high growth global link building agency with eleven offices across the globe enters the UK market by partnering with Passion Digital, a full service digital marketing agency. The joint venture will enable Seeders to rely on Passion's authority in the UK market while Passion Digital will benefit by expanding their SEO offering and having access to one of [...]

Achievements in the international market, with Jan van Oosterhout – Just Carpets

Just Carpets is a company specialized in the production of tailored car and trunk mats. Founded in 2009, it grew to become a large player on the international market delivering thousands of mats across European customers. They provide all their clients through their own production facility located in Kampen. This enables them to provide their products at an excellent price/quality [...]