An organic growth of 232% for prostream.App

Achieving exceptional results for our clients is and will always be the driving force behind our work… and our track record speaks for itself! Today we’re going to take a look at one of our clients, Prostream, who called on our help to boost their website’s authority. Their pioneering and innovative software makes the lives of construction workers a lot easier. Which is why, in our opinion, this is a great tool that needs to be seen and deserves some more authority in their field! Throughout this case, we are going to go into detail as to how we achieved exponential growth for Prostream. Curious about our approach? Let’s dive right in!

The complete guide to Digital PR

So, you are eager to grow your business and you are considering digital PR. That’s awesome! We are here to guide you through the process. At Seeders, we are very proud of the results we have been able to achieve for our clients. We want to make the benefits of digital PR accessible to everyone, so we have made this handy guide!

Read this guide before you start buying backlinks

The Google spam update The link spam update aims to neutralize links that go against the Google guidelines and Google deem to be ‘spammy’. neutralize Google announced the new updates were aimed at neutralizing spammy links meaning any credit or link value gained from these spammy links will be lost.. This update reinforced the importance of high-quality links. Buying backlinks [...]

How to create an SEO-friendly landing page

In digital marketing, a landing page is an important part of online marketing strategy. A well optimized landing page can boost interactions and performance of your website. They come in different shapes and sizes so to speak so we have created this handy blog to guide you through building the most effective SEO- friendly landing pages. What is a landing [...]

The Ultimate SEO Guide for 2023

The new year is coming, and by now you’re probably wondering if you are well on track with your website and SEO strategy. Or this year, you really want to make it happen to finally make it to the top of that first page…

How to build authority with International SEO [guide]

What is international SEO? International SEO is a strategy to optimize your website for search engines. The purpose: driving organic traffic for multiple countries and strengthening the global impact of your brand by showing search engines which countries and languages you’d like to target. As a matter of fact, focusing on international SEO will unlock your company's full growth potential, [...]

Exponential visibility growth in the car insurance market with Digital PR

Univé came to us with the following question: how can we achieve sustainable visibility growth in the car insurance market, despite the current market trend? With a large number of providers of car insurance for consumers, it is hard to achieve top positions in search engines like Google. The competition is not only flowing from direct competitors, but also from indirect competitors such as comparison websites. The result? SEO budgets in the car insurance domain soar to record highs. With an innovative, organic growth strategy, we helped Univé achieve multiple new top 1, top 3, and top 5 positions on their focus keywords. Wondering how we did it? Read on!

Growth of 42% through referring domains, for Koffievoordeel

Good days start with good coffee. We all know that perfect feeling of drinking a good cup of coffee in the morning. It’s a moment of happiness and gratitude. Drinking a good cup of coffee is the start of experiencing a wonderful day in which you are unstoppable. Once we discovered the perfect cup of coffee from, we wanted to let many more people enjoy their delicious coffee! is a part of e-Luscious. A fast-growing e-commerce organization in the wine, coffee, and, more recently, pet food industry. A strong SEO position is necessary to achieve more authority, because there is strong competition in the market, this promised to be a huge undertaking. Wondering how we realized the goals? Read on!

International achievements for Just Carpets: an increase of 25% in organic visitors in The Netherlands and Germany

Just Carpets is a company active in the market for car and trunk mats since 2009. Over the years, the company has evolved to become a leading international player that delivers thousands of car mats every month. What makes them ‘the exceptional high-quality brand’ in their market? They make sure their customers get more than expected. The car mats are 100% tailor-made based on brand, model, and year of construction of the car. Secondly, they can supply mats for every car brand and model. Lastly, they can deliver on their promise of top quality for a fair price with speedy delivery! To realize the perfect scenario of increased growth in the international market, they decided to work together with Seeders. Together we made it happen to increase the number of clicks by 21% and a top 3 ranking for 42 keywords in the organic search engine. Want to know how this project succeeded? Read on!

How we realised 50% traffic growth in the Dutch and German market for SealSupply

In June of 2018, online wholesaler Sealsupply entered into a partnership with Seeders. Sealsupply is a supplier of all types of technical seals for customers in the industry and technical trade. Their goal? Drastically increase their online traffic for the Dutch and the German market. Curious to know how we’ve realized this for them? Read on!