Online marketing agency Seeders enters the Chinese and Japanese markets

Zwolle, September 5, 2023 - Seeders is venturing into the Chinese and Japanese markets. The online marketing agency, based in the Netherlands with offices in Zwolle and Amsterdam, is doing this in collaboration with Dragon eCommerce (China) and Alexander van Aken (Japan). Dennis Akkerman, CEO of Seeders, is excited about the partnership for China and Japan. "These companies have demonstrated [...]

Research : these are the biggest Instagram Hotspots in the UK

After a long stroll, you finally arrive at that one beautiful landmark in, for example, London or Liverpool. Once you arrive, you can’t believe your eyes: hundreds of people are trying to capture the perfect picture in various poses. But what are the most popular hotspots in England? We’ve done our research and compiled a list for you!  

Seeders hires Robin Peters as COO to accelerate growth

Robin Peters is the new Chief Operational Officer (COO) at the international online agency, Seeders. At the company, which now has two Dutch and nine international branches, Robin will be responsible for the daily operational policy. Seeders CEO Dennis Akkerman is pleased with his arrival. “Together with Robin, we want to accelerate our international growth and mature as a company. […]

100+ Qualitative links by responding to current events with Digital PR

Digital PR is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, which is why we use our own service as well, to boost Seeders’s online authority. Our goal? Creating content that matches the business, while generating a massive amount of high-quality backlinks & article placements. And… we made it happen (and exceeded our own expectations in the process). During this project, we realized the following results with six Digital PR campaigns: 113 placements, of which 55 with a qualitative backlink. Want to know how we did it? Keep on reading!

Italy favourite to win Eurovision Song Contest according to number of streams

Turin, May 10th 2022 – According to the number of streams on Spotify, Italy is the favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest this week. With 80 million streams, the song Brividi by Mahmood & Blanco has been listened to the most out of all the Song Contest entries of this year. A striking difference compared to the 17 million [...]