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We do this for clients on a daily basis, but in September 2022 we decided to run a fresh Digital PR campaign for our own website! Our goal was to promote our brand and increase visibility in the competitive world of digital marketing. In other words, we aimed to strengthen our reputation as industry leaders. And thus our (in this case) Spanish team set out to launch a series of engaging and relevant press releases.

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The premise

Over the past few months, since the implementation of the Digital PR campaigns began, we have witnessed remarkable results. Spanish language variant of our website has experienced a significant increase in its Page Authority (PA), going from 18 to 32. PA is a key measure of a page’s relevance and authority in search engines. Undoubtedly, its growth demonstrates the positive impact of our Digital PR strategies on the agency’s positioning.

In today’s case study, we will focus on one of the successful cases of these campaigns: “Santa Claus vs. Three Wise Men, the historic popularity of the Three Wise Men in danger.” This press release was launched in December 2022 with the aim of generating interest and debate around the traditional rivalry between Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men during the holiday season.

papa noel vs reyes magos

The strategy

The first thing we did was conduct a thorough analysis of current trends and topics of interest in our industry. This allowed us to identify different opportunities to create content that would generate interest and capture the audience’s attention. This is how the press release titled “Santa Claus vs. Three Wise Men, the historic popularity of the Three Wise Men in danger” was born.

The strategy involved addressing a topic that’s traditionally rooted in popular culture: the preference between Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. We aimed to pique the interest of the media and generate debate among users. Ultimately, our main goal was to answer the posed question, thus achieving extensive media coverage, valuable backlinks, and traffic to our website.

To ensure the success of the campaign, we focused on the following key aspects:

1. Content Creation

To create the content, the first step was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of data extracted from Google Trends to understand the evolution of searches related to the terms “Three Wise Men” and “Santa Claus.” This analysis allowed us to draw conclusions about the popularity of both figures, even at a regional and autonomous community level. Additionally, interesting data about the popularity of other local Christmas characters was discovered.

On the other hand, the second step involved developing an attractive and persuasive narrative. We used an appropriate tone to stimulate debate, without being disrespectful to any of the figures. Furthermore, to enrich the content, the press release was accompanied by graphical statistics. These allowed us to present the data obtained from Google Trends in a more visual, clear, and concise manner, complementing the narrative of the Digital PR campaign.

2. Strategic Distribution

The next phase involved identifying, through our extensive network of contacts, relevant media outlets that could have an appropriate audience for this specific Digital PR campaign. At Seeders Agency Spain, we ensured to send the press release to the selected media outlets in a personalized manner, adapting the approach and tone according to the characteristics and interests of each journalist, editor, and outlet.

digital pr case study

The results

The press release titled “Santa Claus vs. Three Wise Men, the historic popularity of the Three Wise Men in danger” was a resounding success for Seeders Agency Spain. The results obtained highlighted the positive impact of the implemented Digital PR strategy:

  • Publications: The press release generated a total of 112 publications in relevant media outlets. These articles helped position our agency as an authoritative voice in the industry and generated greater exposure for our brand.
  • Backlinks: The campaign garnered a total of 112 backlinks to Seeders Agency Spain. These links were crucial for improving the Domain Authority (DA) of our website and increasing its visibility in search engines.
  • Do-Follow and No-Follow Links: Out of the 112 links, 105 were do-follow links, considered by search engines as votes of trust toward the website. The 7 no-follow links were also valuable for generating traffic and increasing Seeders’s visibility.
  • Backlinks from Sites with DA Above 25: A total of 106 links were obtained from websites with a DA greater than 25. This indicates that the campaign successfully attracted high-quality and relevant links, significantly contributing to the improvement of the agency’s domain authority.
  • Average DA of Obtained Backlinks: The average DA of the domains that linked to Seeders Agency Spain was 48.73. This data also demonstrates that the obtained links came from high-quality and relevant websites, positively impacting the agency’s domain authority.

In summary, this Digital PR campaign has represented a notable success for our agency. The implemented strategy has allowed us to increase our visibility, strengthen our reputation, and achieve tangible results in terms of media coverage, valuable link generation, and domain authority enhancement. Without a doubt, these achievements showcase the power of well-planned and executed Digital PR strategies.

If you are looking to boost your brand and achieve impactful results in the digital world, we invite you to collaborate with Seeders. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in creating a customized and effective Digital PR campaign. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and discover how we can take your brand to the next level.

Blanca is online marketer at Seeders Barcelona, helping clients to obtain better online positions in Spain. Blanca is passionate about content creation, link building and social networks.