145% impression growth through international SEO for Unilin

Improving organic visibility is a critical component of a successful SEO content strategy and link building plan to grow the customer base. In this case, we’d like to showcase our approach and the results it has delivered in the different target markets. Speaking of those target markets, those were as follows: Poland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands. These markets were, of course, picked based on overall potential, in conjunction with Unilin.

Unilin operates in the flooring, panel and insulation sectors. As a global leader in building solutions and interior design, they have successfully positioned themselves as an authority in their market. Their overall objective is to further penetrate the various European markets and appeal to a wider audience. As Unilin has several brands, it is essential to focus on improving the organic visibility of each of them separately. This can be a bit tricky, as gaining traction through organic visibility in a number of markets with different products can be challenging to maintain at the same time. However, with our team of experienced professionals, we have been able to make significant progress in the right direction. In this case, we’re focusing on Unilin’s sub-brand ‘Quick-Step’. Alright, let’s dive in!

Organic impression growth
Keyword rank growth
Organic traffic growth

General info

1 year
  • Link Building
  • SEO
Target markets
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Key Insights

Organic impression growth
Keyword rank growth
Organic traffic growth

The Premise

Before we started working with Unilin, we had a strategic discussion with the client about their desire to strengthen their online presence in a variety of European markets. It became clear that the Quick-Step brand had already carved out a decent niche for itself in Belgium and the rest of Europe. However, there was still more than enough room to grow in each market and to expand their online visibility.

Recognizing this as our prime focus, we started plotting our course toward an increase in Quick-Step’s visibility and influence in the European market, focusing on Poland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In the next phase, we started developing a tailored strategy to bridge this gap and make Quick-Step a household name in Europe.

The Strategy

To ensure continuous growth in organic visibility, we focused on generating high-quality SEO content, in conjunction with strategic link building. We conducted initial keyword research to determine the relevant terms to focus on and build content around.

So, our journey began with thorough keyword research, where we carefully identified the specific terms we wanted to focus on for our content strategy.

Instead of using generic keywords, we built our content around long-lasting, industry-specific keywords. We set out to create eight SEO-optimized articles per month, each containing the selected keywords. These articles were linked together with an internal linking structure, and enriched with relevant anchor texts.

To simultaneously strengthen their authority and backlink profile, we set out to conduct extensive international link building, targeting the aforementioned European markets with similar keywords. This meant sharing our content with trusted websites in the region. This coordinated effort played a significant role in increasing Quick-Step’s online authority and improving its rankings on its key search terms.

The Result

And now, on to the results! Our team’s commitment to a comprehensive and consistent approach has resulted in a truly impressive increase in Quick-Step’s organic visibility within the target markets. Specifically, we have achieved an average growth rate of 145.44% in organic non-branded impressions for our targeted pages, accompanied by a remarkable rise of Quick-Step’s prime keywords in the SERPs, marking a 52.50% increase in the top 3 positions across all countries.

Results on the French market

Results on the Dutch market

Let’s go through some more of the results that we achieved together:

  • A 100.53% average increase in clicks on our optimized content pages, across all of our target markets.
  • An average growth of 145.53% in impressions on our content-optimized pages.
  • An average growth of 52.50% in keywords securing coveted top 3 positions.
  • An average growth of 53.61% in keywords reaching positions 4 to 10.

The key to our success?

A blend of creating SEO-optimized content with a focus on long-term keywords and implementing a strategic link-building plan. Quick-Step’s significant increase in organic visibility serves as an exemplary model of how our international, results-driven work can generate significant growth in customer reach and overall sales.

Is your company ready to expand across borders and are you looking for a partner to help foster international growth? We’d love to work with you, on skyrocketing your brand across the globe!

Corporate Marketing Manager | Seeders Group

Niels Krikke is the Corporate Marketing Manager for Seeders Group, managing all marketing and communication efforts for all Seeders offices across the globe. Niels’s specializations include branding, copywriting & SEO.