An organic growth of 232% for prostream.App

Achieving exceptional results for our clients is and will always be the driving force behind our work… and our track record speaks for itself! Today we’re going to take a look at one of our clients, Prostream, who called on our help to boost their website’s authority. Their pioneering and innovative software makes the lives of construction workers a lot easier. Which is why, in our opinion, this is a great tool that needs to be seen and deserves some more authority in their field! Throughout this case, we are going to go into detail as to how we achieved exponential growth for Prostream. Curious about our approach? Let’s dive right in!

Organic impression growth
New top 10 positions
Referring domain increase
Keyword rank growth

General info

10 Months
  • Link Building
  • SEO

Key Insights

Organic impression growth
New top 10 positions
Referring domain increase
Keyword rank growth


Let’s start with laying out some more context regarding the client and their industry. Prostream (by Pro4all) is a software solution for the construction sector. Through the use of their innovative software, communication, and collaboration between construction professionals is greatly improved! Prostream is a platform through which you arrange everything around your document management, quality control, project management, and communication with chain partners.

When the team behind Prostream first got in touch with us, they mentioned that they felt like they could make good use of our expertise and capacity, so a pleasant collaboration towards great results ensued. During the initial conversation, we also noticed that they needed help with their on-page SEO, mainly due to a lack of capacity.

Subsequently, we did a quick double-check on keyword focus and then carried out a technical audit. This resulted in a healthy list of things to improve, which meant we could get a good start on optimizations.  As that means that there is ample low-hanging-fruit to be tackled. After optimizing their website and establishing a strong technical foundation, we were able to hit the ground running, and start working on their authority!


Now in the case of Prostream, we started out with implementing a customized strategy (which has, of course, yielded remarkable results, more on that later on!). We took into account both short-term (within 6 months) and long-term outcomes. Before diving into the task at hand, we naturally took a close look at the competition. This allowed us to assess achievable goals and devise the most effective approach in order to shape a winning strategy. As we delved into the long-term keywords, we discovered a significant gap in authority compared to our competitors. Recognizing the need to earn our place, we committed to focusing our efforts on long-term keywords

First and foremost, it’s crucial to use Prostream’s main goal as the foundation for everything we do. Based on this, we have crafted a strategy that aims to drive more organic traffic to the website, ultimately resulting in an increase in leads. To effectively implement this strategy, our initial focus was on assessing the technical foundation of the website. Furthermore, conducting keyword research that aligns with Prostream and its industry is of paramount importance. Here, we looked for keywords that best matched Prostream and its website structure, which in their case meant that we ended up with a list of keywords regarding software for construction companies.

In the next phase, based on keyword research, we focused on developing a powerful content strategy and optimizing the various pillar pages on their website. To extract the maximum potential from the existing content, we also dedicated our efforts to improving the quality of the current content. We discovered that the valuable information residing within these pages served as a valuable source of inspiration for fresh and invigorating content, including captivating blogs that would leave readers spellbound.

Our mission was clear: to fortify the brand’s message and convey their desired information through captivating content. Essentially, what we did was reinforce the brand’s message and the information they wanted to convey by creating high-quality content. After that, we provided guidance on the optimal content schedule to follow and proceeded to publish the new content accordingly. We set our sights on establishing Prostream as an unrivaled authority, both on a landing page and domain level. This approach allowed us to captivate new visitors and ignite their enthusiasm for Prostream. Thanks to this approach, we achieved some truly remarkable results that we are excited to share with you. Let’s take a look at them!



We greatly value working with the esteemed Prostream team and are proud of the impressive results we have achieved together thus far! Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like that exhilarating feeling of a well-implemented strategy and seeing it come to life through irrefutable data.

We set our collective sights on a clear-cut target, channeling our collective focus into maximizing organic traffic. And lo and behold, we got it across the finish line: organic traffic skyrocketed by a staggering 232%!

But hey, it’s not just about the numbers. We reveled in the joy of witnessing the tangible impact our work had on Prostream’s online presence. With every click, every scroll, and every engagement, we could see the fruits of our labor blooming!

As you can see, achieving remarkable results is closely linked to smooth collaboration, implementing a powerful strategy, and unwavering planning execution. Wondering about the possible benefits we can bring to your business and share in the pursuit of exceptional results? In that case, contact us for an introductory meeting! But before we go, let us give you an overview of the remarkable results we have achieved for Prostream:

CTR increase (%)
Impressions (%)
New top 10 positions (numeric)
Referring domain increase (%)
Keyword rank growth (%)
Organic impression growth (%)

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