At the beginning of the digital PR strategy, three goals were set:

  1. Creating additional exposure.
  2. Generating strong branded backlinks from media.
  3. Capitalizing on current events, topics, or subjects that perform well in the media.

Strategy & Execution

How do you embark on a long-term digital PR strategy? It starts with a brainstorming session. All ideas are welcome, and nothing is too outlandish. A bad idea doesn’t exist at this stage of the process. All brainstormed ideas are compiled, and the first ones are selected for inclusion in the content plan. Given the time of year, it made sense to focus on subscription price increases. Meanwhile, in collaboration with research firm Markteffect, an external survey was already conducted for the next three press releases.

The strategy also involved responding to current events. Black Friday is approaching! Quickly create a press release based on internal data from Prijsvergelijken.nl. With the start of the new Formula 1 season after Ziggo Sport’s switch to ViaPlay, what does the Netherlands think about it? A short questionnaire on Prijsvergelijken’s website, and within a week, the data is collected to create a press release. This way, you can generate your own news relevant to journalists in no time. And as the summer vacation approaches, you might wonder how many Dutch people want to watch Dutch television at their holiday destination.


The various campaigns resulted in 145 media placements, of which 89 included a link to Prijsvergelijken.nl. The value of these links exceeded €54,000, with a total media value surpassing €90,000, totaling €91,668. Placements were secured on platforms like De Telegraaf, MarketingTribune, and FilmTotaal.

Corporate Marketing Manager | Seeders Group

Niels Krikke is the Corporate Marketing Manager for Seeders Group, managing all marketing and communication efforts for all Seeders offices across the globe. Niels’s specializations include branding, copywriting & SEO.