From Anonymity to 399 Top 3 Google Search Rankings

Our client is a renowned online store specializing in offering a wide selection of high-quality car floor mats and related products. Their focus is on providing practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for drivers. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has established them as prominent leaders in the industry, earning them a strong and respected reputation in the market.

New top 3 positions
New top 10 positions

General info

6 years
  • Link Building

Key Insights

New top 3 positions
New top 10 positions

The premise

In the year 2016, our client reached out to us. Despite their dedication and excellent products, their visibility on search engines didn’t fully reflect their worth.

When analyzing their initial situation, we noticed they only had 12 keywords that ranked in the top search results on Google. Although 2 of them were in the top 3 and 10 in the top 10, it was evident that there was room for improvement. Therefore, our goal was to boost and increase their visibility in the Spanish search engines.

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The strategy

With our expertise and knowledge in link building in Spain, we created a solid plan to improve our client’s positioning on Google. First, we conducted a comprehensive audit of their website and analyzed their competition. This helped us identify opportunities and develop a personalized strategy for organic growth.

Once we understood the challenges and opportunities, we created valuable content to attract users and generate high-quality backlinks. We also leveraged our strong relationships with bloggers, journalists, and experts in the automotive industry to implement our link building strategy. Through these collaborations, we published valuable content and gained natural links to our client’s website.

In addition to this, we ensured to advise them on optimizing their on-page SEO. This included improving the internal linking structure and meta tags to make existing content more easily indexed by Google. This, in turn, also boosted their organic rankings.

The results

The impact of our collaboration was astonishing and demonstrated the power of a well-executed link building strategy. By the end of our partnership in August of 2022, the results spoke for themselves: the client went from having only 12 keywords ranked in the top search results on Google to an impressive total of 754 keywords.

Specifically, they went from having only 2 keywords in the TOP 3 to an incredible total of 399 in this privileged position. Additionally, we managed to place 355 keywords in the TOP 10, further expanding their visibility and online reach.

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These achievements translated into greater visibility in the search results. This allowed them to reach a wider audience and capture the attention of highly qualified potential customers. Ultimately, their online presence strengthened, generating sustainable long-term growth.

At Seeders, we are proud to have been part of this journey and to have provided tangible results to our client. If you are looking to boost your online presence in Spain and achieve success in the digital world, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to help you reach your goals and achieve the growth you desire. Together, we can build a personalized online marketing strategy that allows you to stand out in the digital era.

Blanca is online marketer at Seeders Barcelona, helping clients to obtain better online positions in Spain. Blanca is passionate about content creation, link building and social networks.