More than 2000% organic traffic growth in the online education sector

Our client excels in the field of online education, offering an interactive tutoring platform for students of all ages. Their focus is on connecting students with highly qualified tutors, providing a personalized and flexible solution for individual learning. With a wide range of subjects available and an intuitive interface, this platform has gained international recognition as a leader in the online education sector. This allows them to offer students and parents the opportunity to access high-quality online tutoring from the comfort of their homes.

Organic traffic growth

General info

14 months
  • Link Building

Key Insights

Organic traffic growth

The premise

In an increasingly digitized world, online education has become an efficient and flexible alternative for students of all ages. However, standing out among the multitude of online competitors and reaching a broader audience can become a real challenge.

A leading platform in this field (whose name we will keep anonymous throughout this success case) contacted our digital marketing agency in November 2021 with the hope of improving its visibility on search engines and increasing its organic traffic.

The strategy

After a thorough assessment of their needs and goals, we proposed a strategy including qualitative link building services to help them achieve their objectives. Our approach was based on selecting and optimizing 17 relevant keywords for this online education platform. What were the steps we took?

1. Comprehensive Keyword Research

To start out with, we conducted a detailed analysis of keywords related to distance education and the platform itself. This allowed us to identify popular and high-value search terms that could help drive traffic to our client’s website.

2. Establishing Quality Relationships

Our next step was to strategically leverage our extensive network of webmasters. Over the months, we focused on establishing personalized communication with relevant websites and blogs in the education and distance learning field. This enabled us to secure collaborations that generated backlinks to our client’s website, increasing their authority and online visibility.

3. Creating Valuable Content

Of course, we carefully crafted the focus of the articles published on each of the blogs and websites, ensuring they addressed relevant and valuable content capable of meeting the needs of our client’s target audience.

4. Monitoring and Continuous Optimization

Furthermore, we maintained constant monitoring of the generated links, their performance, and their impact on organic traffic. Naturally, we adjusted the strategy based on data and changes in the SEO landscape to ensure optimal results.

The results

The link-building strategy implemented between November 2021 and December 2022 achieved significant results for our client. The data collected on the Semrush analytics platform revealed impressive growth in organic traffic and domain authority (DA).

Organic Traffic

When we began our link-building services in November 2021, Semrush reported 2,824 visits to our client’s website. However, after our intervention, by December 2022, traffic had astonishingly increased to 60,136 visits. This notable traffic increase reflected the positive impact of our strategies on our client’s online visibility.

Domain Authority (DA)

In addition to traffic growth, our client’s domain authority (DA) also experienced significant improvements. At the beginning of our collaboration, the DA was 45. However, by the end of our service in December 2022, it had increased to 51. Undoubtedly, this increase in DA was a direct result of the quality of the generated backlinks and their impact on search engine rankings.

The link-building strategy not only drove our client’s online growth but also generated tangible benefits in terms of brand recognition, authority, and search engine visibility. Additionally, our keyword research and valuable content creation approach helped the distance education platform stand out among its competitors and attract a broader audience.

In summary, our link-building strategy proved highly effective for our client. By significantly increasing organic traffic and raising the DA, we positioned the distance education platform as a leader in its field.

These results undoubtedly highlight the importance of a solid and customized digital marketing strategy to drive the digital growth of any business. At Seeders, we take pride in supporting our client on their journey to online success, using a comprehensive strategy that includes both off-site SEO, on-site SEO, and the creation of relevant and engaging content. This holistic approach was key in strengthening our client’s digital presence and achieving positive results in terms of visibility, traffic, and online authority.

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Blanca is online marketer at Seeders Barcelona, helping clients to obtain better online positions in Spain. Blanca is passionate about content creation, link building and social networks.