The long-awaited advent of voice search is here, thanks to Google’s SGE

Voice search has been included in ‘up-and-coming SEO trends’ lists for as long as I can remember, but has kind of become an easy gimmicky inclusion, just there for the sake of it. Because wouldn't it be cool if it finally did get it's long-awaited usefulness influx? Well, voice search enthusiasts might finally see the cards falling their way! Read [...]

Mastering the keyword Gap Analysis: Insights from Dennis Akkerman

As an SEO specialist with over a decade of experience and currently serving as the CEO of Seeders, the keyword gap analysis has always been one of my favourite tools to find sweet spots for possible growth. It is something also we as Seeders have been using for years as a tool to grow to international markets. The idea of [...]

March 2024 Google Core Update Roundup: The biggest take-aways

Discover the March 2024 Google Core Update, including neutralizing unhelpful content, spammy sites, and the impact on SEO marketers.

International SEO Checklist: Your Road to Global Success

Are you thinking of bringing your business to other regions or countries? This international SEO checklist might help you. The digital world knows no boundaries. As businesses strive to reach global audiences, understanding the intricacies of international SEO becomes indispensable. This extensive checklist delves deep into each aspect of international SEO, providing you with a detailed checklist to dominate the [...]

Japanese Market Entry Strategy: Conquering the Digital Landscape

Japan, often seen as the land of the rising sun. It is a country with strong innovation but also with a lot of tradition. Japan presents with its 127 million inhabitants an alluring and complex market for international businesses. With its high internet penetration rate, advanced infrastructure, and consumers who are increasingly tech-savvy, Japan offers immense opportunities for online businesses. [...]

Online marketing agency Seeders enters the Chinese and Japanese markets

Zwolle, September 5, 2023 - Seeders is venturing into the Chinese and Japanese markets. The online marketing agency, based in the Netherlands with offices in Zwolle and Amsterdam, is doing this in collaboration with Dragon eCommerce (China) and Alexander van Aken (Japan). Dennis Akkerman, CEO of Seeders, is excited about the partnership for China and Japan. "These companies have demonstrated [...]

The End of the FAQ & How To Rich Snippets

It's that time of the year again! Google has pulled it's thick, red marker from its drawer and has started striking through the hopes and dreams of SEOs. Now that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but they did just all but remove FAQ & HowTo structured data from the SERPs, rendering thousands upon thousands of SEOs painstaking work [...]

Research : these are the biggest Instagram Hotspots in the UK

After a long stroll, you finally arrive at that one beautiful landmark in, for example, London or Liverpool. Once you arrive, you can’t believe your eyes: hundreds of people are trying to capture the perfect picture in various poses. But what are the most popular hotspots in England? We’ve done our research and compiled a list for you!  

Unearthing Organic Search Keywords in Google Analytics 4

As we all know by now, as long as you haven't been living under a rock for the past few years, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is dramatically different from its predecessor, Universal Analytics (GA3). While it offers many benefits, such as machine learning-powered insights and extensive control over privacy settings, it has left all SEOs scrambling to adapt to a [...]

Google’s GSE: Revolutionizing Search with the Search Generative Experience

Google has pushed the boundaries of search technology with the introduction of its new Search Generative Experience (GSE). While it is still in the testing phase and currently only available to a select group of users and in the USA only, the potential of GSE to transform the search experience is already evident. In this blog post, we will try [...]