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From Anonymity to 399 Top 3 Google Search Rankings

Our client is a renowned online store specializing in offering a wide selection of high-quality car floor mats and related products. Their focus is on providing practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for drivers. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has established them as prominent leaders in the industry, earning them a strong and respected reputation in the market.


Taking a new direction while maintaining authority can be a difficult task for any successful online business. Which was the challenge faced by our esteemed client. As a forerunner in the printer industry, they had already established a prominent position in the industry. But when the opportunity arose to dominate the market in Barcelona, they asked us for help. The results? Well, they were nothing short of extraordinary! Our client’s rankings skyrocketed, capturing the attention and admiration of both customers and competitors alike. So let’s dive right in!


Achieving exceptional results for our clients is and will always be the driving force behind our work… and our track record speaks for itself! Today we’re going to take a look at one of our clients, Prostream, who called on our help to boost their website’s authority. Their pioneering and innovative software makes the lives of construction workers a lot easier. Which is why, in our opinion, this is a great tool that needs to be seen and deserves some more authority in their field! Throughout this case, we are going to go into detail as to how we achieved exponential growth for Prostream. Curious about our approach? Let’s dive right in!

More than 2000% organic traffic growth in the online education sector

Our client excels in the field of online education, offering an interactive tutoring platform for students of all ages. Their focus is on connecting students with highly qualified tutors, providing a personalized and flexible solution for individual learning. With a wide range of subjects available and an intuitive interface, this platform has gained international recognition as a leader in the online education sector. This allows them to offer students and parents the opportunity to access high-quality online tutoring from the comfort of their homes.

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112 High-quality Backlinks through Digital PR

We do this for clients on a daily basis, but in September 2022 we decided to run a fresh Digital PR campaign for our own website! Our goal was to promote our brand and increase visibility in the competitive world of digital marketing. In other words, we aimed to strengthen our reputation as industry leaders. And thus our (in this case) Spanish team set out to launch a series of engaging and relevant press releases.

80+ qualitative backlinks in the sanitary branch with Digital PR

Saniweb is the largest online sanitary specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium. At their webshop located in Waalwijk, consumers can purchase complete bathrooms as well as individual sanitary products and tiles.

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549% organic traffic growth in the DIY sector

Our client specializes in online sales of screws and other hardware, DIY, and gardening products. Their primary customers include maintenance experts, construction companies, carpenters, furniture manufacturers, and gardeners. Furthermore, an increasing number of DIY and gardening enthusiasts are placing orders on this online hardware store. This is a rapidly expanding company that, in just a few years, has become a European reference for offering a broad and diverse catalog of high-quality screws, hardware, and other hardware items at reasonable prices. As of today, they have an online store in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, and Italy.

100+ Qualitative links by responding to current events with Digital PR

Digital PR is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, which is why we use our own service as well, to boost Seeders’s online authority. Our goal? Creating content that matches the business, while generating a massive amount of high-quality backlinks & article placements. And… we made it happen (and exceeded our own expectations in the process). During this project, we realized the following results with six Digital PR campaigns: 113 placements, of which 55 with a qualitative backlink. Want to know how we did it? Keep on reading!

€90.000+ of PR value for is a comparison website where prices for TV, internet, and mobile subscriptions can be compared. Consumers can turn to Prijsvergelijken to find the most cost-effective telecom subscription. Nearly 40,000 people switched to a different provider through Prijsvergelijken in 2021, making it one of the largest internet subscription comparison platforms in the Netherlands.

14 new number 1 positions through Digital PR

Beestjes Kwijt is a nationwide platform for certified pest control professionals. The company connects people with pest problems to a local pest controller. Beestjes Kwijt was founded in 2013, and over 300,000 people have found their way to a local pest control expert through Beestjes Kwijt.