Boost your brand visibility & authority with Digital PR

Digital PR is the newest kid on the authority marketing block. With Digital PR, your business will…

  • increase its brand image and therefore its potential client-base.
  • get huge amounts of attention on (inter)national media publication platforms.
  • receive a significant increase in high authority backlinks.
  • be in the limelight, with potential features on radio and tv shows.

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    Get your time in the limelight through press releases

    Digital PR is the perfect practice to get your company its time in the limelight. Through brainstorming and tried and proven research tactics, our team devises a press release strategy, comprised of interesting topics related to your business. When these releases are being put out into the world by our team, it’s time for you to sit back and watch the magic happen. Watch the high-profile placements poor in,  with media outlets writing about you and radio shows calling your team for further clarification of your research. In short: time to enjoy your time in the spotlight!



    Digital PR is one of the most important SEO techniques to boost your online visibility. At Seeders, we’ve developed tried and tested PR strategies, built to create newsworthy press releases with real, measurable results. Digital PR is the way to position yourself as an authority in your company niche. With data as our main weapon, we create content with a striking angle that the media simply can’t resist. This results in extra exposure, high-quality branded backlinks, and enhanced trust in the brand.

    I’m ready for growth!


    STEP 1:

    During the first phase, we get together with your team, for a concepting brainstorm. This brainstorm is where we’ll lay our foundation for the entire process. Sketching out cool concepts for press releases and research subjects.

    STEP 2:

    With the results from our brainstorm in the bank, it’s time to get to work! In this second phase, our team will start collecting relevant data, from your systems, accessible, pre-existing research, and from research that we’ll be conducting ourselves. All of this enables us to enrich your press releases with the best, most accurate data!

    STEP 3:

    Our copywriters take all of the data and research at hand, write a catchy title, place the most important information at the top and make it easy to roll up. They put themselves in the shoes of the journalist to write a newsworthy press release that is simply too good to resist.

    STEP 4:

    After the release has been sent out, our team closely monitors realtime placements from relevant media outlets. Logging all mentions of your press release online and offline. After a few days, it’s time to get together and evaluate the results of the campaign. From which we take our learnings and can get ready for your next big release!


    “Digital PR is probably more critical than technical SEO…”

    John Mueller (Google’s Search Advocate)


    We’re ready to boost your brand awareness

    Are you ready for your company to finally get the attention that you deserve? Then let’s get started, with your very own Digital PR strategy!