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Digital PR is one of the most important SEO techniques to make brands visible online. Seeders have developed their PR strategy to create newsworthy press releases with measurable results. Digital PR is the way to position yourself as an authority. With data as our gold, we create content with a striking angle that the media cannot ignore. This results in extra exposure, high-quality branded backlinks, and enhanced trust in the brand.


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    Anyone can say something interesting and make a buzz

    Journalists are inundated daily with press releases and news. Digital PR is a tactic to lead the way and stand out. Seeders know how to attract attention in the media landscape and more importantly, how to get coverage. We have experience in setting up successful (online) PR strategies for numerous clients. We believe that every company has something interesting to say. How? By using data. This forms the basis of a good press release. Then it is a matter of a striking angle, a good story, and the right media list. With our creativity and your brand, we can reach the right media and get the appropriate exposure!


    “Digital PR is probably more critical than technical SEO…”

    John Mueller (Google’s Search Advocate)

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    The five steps of a good PR strategy


    Create news value

    The most essential part of an online PR strategy is newsworthiness. As discussed earlier, a journalist receives hundreds of emails a day. Standing out is therefore important. What makes a journalist read the press release, and get interested that they would want to publish it? Every company can create news value. You just need to know where to look. A new product in itself is not always interesting. The solutions it offers are. As outsiders, we have an open mind to your company. As a result, we come up with sharp angles that the media cannot ignore.


    Collect data

    The subject has been determined and the hook has been found. Then the next step is to turn it into a substantive story. Maintaining public relations is very important. That is why we support the collection of truthful data. This can be done in many ways and has everything to do with the angle of approach. Internal data can be transformed into interesting news facts or we use external databases or data from agencies to generate buzz. Is there no data available? Then we create it, for example by means of a survey. That way, we have an interesting press release and you know even more about your target group. Win-win!


    Writing the press release

    The purpose of a press release is to inform readers, not to advertise. This is something where most businesses go wrong. Insiders write the message from their vision and experience. But in the eyes of the journalist, this is often a commercial story. Standing out with objective information is our specialty. Our copywriters write a catchy title, place the most important information at the top and make it easy to roll up. They put themselves in the shoes of the journalist to write a newsworthy press release that cannot be ignored. In this way, you position yourself as an authority in your field.


    Submit to the right media

    The press release is sent at the touch of a button. But there’s a lot that goes into that. However strong a press release is, it is not interesting for every medium. And it doesn’t have to be, because you only want to appear on platforms that match your message. Our database consists of more than 10,000 relevant journalists so that your message gets to the right people. We also know the working methods of journalists. How do they prefer to receive their news? What is the deadline? Thus, we connect at the right time to the right journalist for maximum results.


    Report and evaluate

    The results of a PR strategy are unpredictable. In link building, what you see is what you get. Authority, brand awareness, and coverage are unfortunately more difficult to measure. However, it is certainly not impossible. The most common way to measure PR is to track the number of online publications. This can be anything from a share on social media, a mention on the radio, or an outright publication including a link. We closely monitor the placements and report them afterward. We then evaluate the situation. What went well and what could be improved? And whether you have any relevant news? We will sit down to devise an effective online PR strategy for you!

    Our proven approach


    Brainstorming session


    Select final headings

    Determine data sources

    Collect data


    Writing press releases

    Approval from the customer




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