Google just announced a link spam update

On December 14th 2022, Google announced it will (in the next 14 days) roll out an update to its algorithms that specifically targets link spam. This type of spam refers to the use of unethical and manipulative techniques to improve the search engine rankings of a website. These techniques often involve the creation of low-quality or irrelevant links that point to a website in an attempt to manipulate its search engine rankings.

About the update

The upcoming update will aim to better identify and penalize websites that use link spamming tactics. This means that websites that engage in this type of behavior may see a drop in their search engine rankings.

Google has long been committed to providing the best possible search experience to its users. This means delivering relevant and high-quality results that match the user’s query. Link spamming undermines this goal, as it can lead to the inclusion of low-quality or irrelevant websites in the search results.


“It is an interesting moment for Google to roll out this update now. I have been surprised for years that Google still gives value to low-quality links and that we see a strong correlation between the number of referring domains and the positions in the SERPS regardless of the quality of those links. Personally, I am really curious about how far this update will go and we will monitor it very closely. We are confident that our ways of high-quality link building is what Google really values. This update also shows us Google still attains value to links and wants to understand better which links really show that you are an authority and which links are spam. ”

Dennis Akkerman, CEO

Google combatting link spam

The December 22 update is just one part of Google’s ongoing efforts to combat link spamming and other forms of search engine manipulation. The company has previously released similar updates, including the “Penguin” update in 2012 and the “Pigeon” update in 2014. These updates were aimed at identifying and penalizing websites that engaged in link spamming and other unethical tactics.

In the end this update is good news for users of Google’s search engine. It means that the search results they see will be more relevant and of higher quality. This, in turn, will improve the overall user experience when using Google to search for information on the internet.

Our vision on link building

At Seeders, we aim to make our clients authorities in their markets. In our vision, the links that make you an authority are links earned by relevant and engaging content.

Dennis Akkerman is CEO of Seeders Group. He has built up the company from one, small office in the Netherlands, to an international marketing agency with offices across the globe. Dennis specializes in link building, SEO, SEA, Digital PR & leadership.