How we realised 50% traffic growth in the Dutch and German market for SealSupply

In June of 2018, online wholesaler Sealsupply entered into a partnership with Seeders. Sealsupply is a supplier of all types of technical seals for customers in the industry and technical trade. Their goal? Drastically increase their online traffic for the Dutch and the German market. Curious to know how we’ve realized this for them? Read on!


Sealsupply operates in a very specific B2B market with various providers, meaning the website has many categories and product pages. Making all these pages easy to find is a time-consuming activity, which requires the necessary creativity and good focus. Yet Seeders managed to achieve this by developing a solid strategic approach. Because it’s a B2B market, keyword choice works differently. There are not many keywords with particularly high search volumes. But as Sealsupply sells so many different items, we had the opportunity to, instead of honing in on a specific keyword group, widen our scope. This resulted in the focus being placed on an extensive number of keywords, amounting to a respectable total search volume.


Based on the performed SEO analysis, priority was given to the following activities:

  • Optimizing meta descriptions;
  • Performing an SEO scan;
  • Starting a link-building campaign.

We have chosen a combined strategy, in which we have generated qualitative links on industry-related media platforms. On the other hand, we have focused on a quantitative undercurrent of backlinks, in order to achieve rapid growth in referring domains. This has increased the online visibility of on the chosen keywords. Due to the increase in traffic, two more campaigns were subsequently created. One specifically aimed at suppliers, and the other aimed at search traffic Europe-wide (in English). A lot of data has been collected from these campaigns, using measurements and analyses, which are making adjustments easier.


Based on this new, qualitative data, we’ve been able to conclude that the German campaigns ran the best compared to other countries. The results in Germany were so good that we also decided to increase the organic traffic through link building. For this, we used the same strategy as before.
In total, the traffic on the Dutch and German websites has increased by no less than 56% in one year. In the Netherlands, the total traffic has increased by 153% in 24 months. This compares the first half of the year with the first half of two years previous. Of course, part of this comes from Google Ads. Organic traffic has increased by 71%. For Germany, the data from the months July through October, as compared with the same data from the previous year. The total traffic has increased by 50% in one year. Organic traffic is up 56%. The number of contact requests has increased by 48% in total. Requests from organic traffic have increased by 32%.

Isabella is responsible for content production at Seeders Group. She produces short- and long-form content for all Seeders communication channels. Isabella specializes in social media & copywriting.