How a cross-border marketing agency enables you to enter new global markets

From localizing your message to fit diverse cultures, optimizing for regional search engines, navigating complex regulatory landscapes, to tailoring social media strategies for maximum impact. Intricate, localized work like this is exactly why a cross-border marketing agency is your best bet if you’re looking to start scaling your business to new markets. Wondering what the advantages of an agency like Seeders are? Read on, and discover how we get to work on kickstarting your international expansion.

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    What are the advantages of hiring a Cross-Border Agency?

    Expertise in international markets

    As a Cross-Border agency, we specialize in understanding the nuances and dynamics of different international markets. Seeders has experience working with diverse cultures, languages, and consumer preferences. This expertise allows us to develop effective marketing strategies tailored to each target market, which supports better engagement and conversion rates.

    Language and Cultural Understanding

    Language and cultural differences can pose significant challenges when expanding into international markets. By hiring a cross-border online marketing agency, businesses can benefit from linguistic and cultural knowledge. Our agency has offices worldwide with teams capable of creating content, translating and optimizing, and adapting marketing strategies to accurately meet the local context. This brings tremendous advantages and is essential for structuring your website correctly. Additionally, it’s an indispensable part of content writing and campaign localization.

    Access to our global network

    At Seeders, we have a broad network of partners, publishers, and media outlets across multiple countries. This network can be very valuable for businesses who want to establish their presence in a new market and skyrocket their business! Our agency can leverage these connections to secure collaborations, partnerships, and media exposure, giving your business a higher visibility and credibility in the target market. In addition, having a large network is also a significant advantage when you want to utilize successful strategies such as Link Building and Digital PR.

    Cost-effective approach

    Expanding into international markets on your own can be costly and time-consuming. By partnering with a Cross-Border agency, businesses can leverage an agency that offers services in any country they would like to enter. This can save costs because these agencies often have established relationships with platforms, allowing them to negotiate better rates and optimize ad spending to achieve desired results within budget constraints.

    Focus on your core business

    Managing international campaigns requires a lot of time and resources. By outsourcing these tasks to a specialized agency, businesses can free up their internal team to focus on the core activities of their business. This can lead to increased productivity, better resource allocation, and the ability to pursue growth opportunities more effectively!

    Skyrocket your business

    Working with an international agency can greatly speed up your growth because opportunities are easier to reach and manage. With our network and experts, we can accomplish results that are not possible to achieve with a limited team of people or a limited network.

    International expansion of your business

    Engaging with a Cross-Border Agency can provide significant advantages that will boost your corporation. However, it’s important to assess the extent to which your business truly requires online authority and international expansion. To determine this, there are several questions worth considering:

    1. In which country or countries do I sell my products/services?
    2. In which countries would I like to market my business?
    3. What level of authority has my company already established?
    4. How much budget is available to invest in international marketing services?
    5. How proficient is my team or I in the field of International marketing? Do we require assistance, or are we struggling to make progress?
    6. How patient am I willing to be in the process of building online authority?

    Answering these questions is crucial as it will help clarify the necessity and feasibility of hiring a Cross-Border agency. Additionally, it can assist in identifying the current stage of your business, providing a better understanding of the goals you aim to achieve and the areas you should prioritize. Therefore, an agency can offer valuable advice tailored to your business’s stage, guiding you on the most prudent course of action.

    The Dynamic Duo: Budget and Time

    When contemplating the decision to collaborate with an Online Marketing agency, one cannot overlook the crucial factors of time and budget. It proves invaluable to inquire about the extent of the available financial resources for investing in a marketing agency. 

    Time and budget are inextricably intertwined, as all endeavors in online marketing demand a considerable investment of time. The execution of a well-crafted online strategy and the attainment of triumph necessitate patience. After all, enduring and fruitful outcomes are derived from sustained and unwavering commitment, especially when it comes to entering the International Market.

    What may be the case for your business also applies to Online Marketing: consistency is the key to success!

    A cross-border marketing agency, to help you scale internationally

    You are ready to grow your business! Great! Now it’s time to look at the steps that need to be taken to enter new markets. 

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    Before entering a new market, it’s important to conduct thorough market research. This way, you will learn about the target market, competitors, and local trends in the new market. Seeders has contacts and offices all over the world, and with that, we can help you conduct market research in a quick and effective way so that we can initiate the next steps, on the way to international success!


    As a cross-border agency with local knowledge, we can provide valuable guidance on localization strategies. For example, we can help you complete all the necessary steps to localize your business online. In this way, we can help translate and adapt your website, as well as content and marketing materials to ensure cultural sensitivity, linguistic accuracy, and relevance. Such a localized approach improves overall customer brand perception, builds trust, and increases customer engagement!


    Seeders has all the services needed to take your business to incredible levels! We will develop a targeted marketing and advertising strategy tailored to your business in your desired new market. With strategies in the areas of SEO, Digital PR, and Link Building, we can ensure that your company can make great strides in effectively reaching your target audience.


    Remember that every market is unique and what works in one market may not work in another. Adaptation, flexibility, and a good understanding of the local market are crucial for success when expanding into new online markets. It can therefore be difficult, and time-consuming, to properly establish partnerships with local businesses or relevant industry associations to gain visibility and credibility in the new market. At our agency, you can tap into our huge network, where we have the right contacts to help evolve your business in the new market.


    We have analytics and tracking systems to monitor and measure your performance in the new market. We will regularly analyze key statistics, consumer behavior, and market trends to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategies. As a cross-border agency, we work seamlessly with Seeders offices and experts around the world, offering huge opportunities to grow your performance.