Ecommerce Growth Hacking

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, there are many things that you need to sort out to get your business in order. CRM and CMS systems, all your Google channels, an SEO party, and maybe even an online accounting system. As an online marketing agency with 25+ employees that also has several websites online, we understand that.


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    The all-in-1 eCommerce Growth Hacking Formula from Seeders

    That is why we have designed a formula that does not only cover all your fundamental online marketing activities, but that allows the activities to interlock and collide so that your eCommerce can grow exponentially. For this, we use both conventional online marketing techniques, new automation techniques, and big data analysis to determine your next step. This no-nonsense formula is therefore focused on improving the most important statistic for eCommerce entrepreneurs: conversion.

    Data Analytics

    We must determine KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) together during the start of a process. You can count on us for results. Furthermore, you can also have internal clarity during success and failures. For example, think of visitor numbers, turnover targets, or conversion rates.

    1. The number of organic visitors
    2. The conversion rate of SEA
    3. Bounce Rate of Pages 
    4. Organic turnover per month

    Google Tag Manager

    At Seeders, we ensure that all goals are measurable. To make goals measurable, Seeders work with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for enhanced eCommerce. With Google Tag Manager, we can make everything perfectly measurable. It is also possible to load all tracking codes through Google Tag Manager, which in turn has positive effects on website speed. Through Enhanced eCommerce, we keep constant tabs on the lifetime value.

    Translate KPIs into dashboarding and reporting

    If everything is measured correctly, the various channels and KPIs must be translated into monthly automated reports. This is then stored in a dashboard that can be visited daily and real-time measurement data can be viewed. To set up dashboards, Seeders works with Google Data studio in which we combine data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and our systems into clear reports. Both parties can then use these reports to monitor whether the results indicate any development towards the set objectives.

    Traffic generation

    First, we generate more traffic to your eCommerce platform through link building and automated Shopping Campaigns. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we know how to place valuable links to improve your website authority. We now know Google’s Target ROAS algorithm through and through and know how to deal with it. Moreover, we often work together with automated bidding experts such as Adchieve, but we also write algorithms ourselves to get the most out of Google Shopping for your success.

    Conversion encouragement

    Shortly after we start link-building and shopping campaigns, we start building an AI-driven personalized customer experience. In this, we work together with Datatrics, among others, and we reach the consumer to personalize their experience from the orientation to the evaluation phase. Finding and formulating this experience is based on Big Data analysis that uses AI-driven recommendations, Data Science, and our own experience and knowledge about consumer psychology.

    Customer retention

    Finally, we pick up the customer again with the previously defined customer experience and approach them in the evaluation phase. Here, we build your relationship with your customers by offering them relevant content and allowing them to provide feedback about their experience. This provides high-quality data with which we can further optimize traffic generation and conversion encouragement.

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    How we make you thrive

    In the relationship with our customers, we see ourselves as an extension of the company we work for, just like an internal internet marketing department. We understand that every entrepreneur has a certain vision and mission in mind for his company. And, we use our role to fulfill your dreams. This ‘extension ideology’ resulted in the following core values:


    We understand that today’s technological possibilities can be confusing for many eCommerce entrepreneurs. Our vision, therefore, follows a transparent course that is also understandable for you. Understanding the activities to be performed by us enables us to report regularly and efficiently on our activities.


    We will always let you know when things do not go the way we expect them to. In this way, you as an entrepreneur can always adjust your direction adequately when necessary. This lets you make smart decisions to maintain exponential growth.


    The online and digital world is changing rapidly and disruptively, which is why we think it is important to always be at the forefront of the latest developments. Our type of work requires an innovative attitude. When new strategies arise that are relevant to your company, we will proactively contact you to discuss and implement them.