Is your company ready for higher rankings in Google and more organic traffic? In that case you might be looking for a link building agency that builds high quality backlinks. Seeders is here to help, with many years of experience in creating successful link building strategies for over 700 clients globally. We believe that being transparent and proactive in the process is important.


    Every challenge requires a unique strategy, we’d love to hear about yours!


    We aim to really make a difference in the world of SEO. We use the following assets to set up the most successful link building strategies for our clients. Also, when you choose Seeders there is no one-time charging for strategy set-up; this is included in the price.


    Reliable & Transparent

    We at Seeders support our clients with their link building activities rather than taking them over. We create insightful reports of your backlinks on a monthly basis so that you have insight in all results.


    Flexible Terms

    Our link building packages are monthly cancelable. That means no year-long contracts with restrictions. We believe in our work and that is why we make this option possible for our clients.


    High Quality Links

    Through our extensive network of over 60,000 websites and experienced content creators we have the ability to publish a lot of high quality content in order to acquire as many high quality links as possible.


    There are various methods of link building that prove to be very successful. Seeders only uses white hat link building methods and does not provide black hat SEO. We have the expert SEO knowledge and we know that each client is different therefore or strategies include different link building techniques.


    Blogger Outreach

    A lot of companies struggle with the outreach within their link building strategy. This is often because they do not have access to a proper network or simply because there is not enough time to build or maintain such a network.

    With our network we can reach local, national and international journalists and websites. Our experts also know the routines and methods these contacts prefer. That way, we can build a bespoke campaign that results in high-quality links and increased brand authority.


    Broken Link Building

    A successful Broken Link Building campaign involves scouring the web for high-quality resources linked to pages that are no longer available. By creating engaging and inspirational content, we can provide webmasters with a valuable replacement for their broken links. We then approach these webmasters, requesting that they replace the flawed link with our superior new resource.


    PR Outreach

    Digital PR is the perfect combination of creativity, strategy and content. Seeders knows how to attract attention in the media landscape and more importantly, how to get covered. We believe that every company has something interesting to say. It is a matter of a catchy angle, good data, a compelling story and the right media list. With our creativity and your brand we reach the right media. We use the following five steps in our PR strategy.


    Crypto Link Building

    If you’re looking to achieve the best results for your crypto website, our link building services are the perfect option. Our team offers a wide range of strategies, from SEO and content creation, to quality research and backlinks building. We promise to deliver cutting-edge results that exceed expectations, with an unparalleled level of expertise and commitment.


    White label Link Building

    Many SEO firms opt to outsource their digital marketing requirements to agencies specialising in a particular aspect of SEO, such as international link building – a service that Seeders happily provides. Our team not only endeavour to meet the link building needs, but act as an integral strategic partner by offering expert guidance on the entire SEO plan. With our deep understanding of the industry and proven record of success, you can rest assured we will help you to achieve your long-term goals.


    Multilingual Link Building

    Multilingual Link Building is a crucial factor in achieving top international search engine rankings, and can establish your brand as a global name. Providing content in multiple languages can generate increased interest and awareness of your business, encouraging global conversations about your brand.


    High quality guest posting

    Google highly values websites that exhibit quality in expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). To ensure your website is perceived by Google as high-quality, our copywriters conceive custom content that embodies SEO principles while offering a distinct and captivating message. After the content is tailored to meet SEO standards, our skilled link building experts publish the articles on our vast network of trustworthy publishers.


    Tiered Link Building

    Tiered link building is a powerful, yet lesser-known process that involves generating links for your existing backlinks. This method ensures your link profile is strong, while creating quality content and acquiring links from authoritative websites. As these sites have a high domain authority, they can amplify the power of associated blogs or articles. Tiered link building also offers a speedy solution to generating multiple links. As Google becomes increasingly sophisticated, tiered link building could be the answer to staying ahead of your competitors in terms of web performance. If you outsource link building to us, we will assess whether this approach could benefit your business.


    iGaming Link Building

    Our custom-made iGaming link building campaigns employ a range of imaginative and technical solutions, tailored even for difficult industries. Get in touch with us for an obligation-free consultation session to discover how to reach your goals. Our step-by-step process offers an effective strategy, designed specifically for you and your online gambling business.


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    Setting up the perfect strategy to gain backlinks can be quite challenging. You need a strategic link building plan for a website when you want to get the best out of a link building strategy. Seeders can guide you in that process. Thinking of doing the link building yourself? Have a look at these link building tips.

    Contact us to start with your own strategy…

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      Keyword Research & Targeting Most Important Keywords

      In order to create a successful strategy we use the following four steps.
      Carrying out keyword research is very important when you want to set up a good link building strategy. By targeting the most relevant keywords for our clients we can ensure that the link building strategy we set up will be effective. That is why we start with keyword research before setting up the link building process. In this research we look at:

      • Keyword intent
      • Keyword search volume
      • Landing pages

      We advise our clients based on the analysis. By taking into account the results of the keyword research we decide what the possibilities arise before we start with the next phase of the link building process: data analysis of the backlink profile.

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      Link Building Analysis Of Backlink Profile:

      Monitoring performance brings results. That is why we carry out the process of link building by using available data. We find this data through our professional SEO-tools. In a backlink profile analysis we look at the following matters:

      • Domain authority
      • The amount of referring domains
      • The quality of incoming backlinks (measured through different metrics)
      • Competitor analysis
      • Anchor text ratio
      • TLD-ratio

      After research and analysis we can move on to the next step: outreach.

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      Outreach & Backlinks

      When the high quality content of your website is ready to use we will start reaching out to the possible websites that might be interested in the content. We have a large network of journalists and websites and we tackle every niche. That’s how we make sure our clients gain a lot of relevant high quality backlinks.

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      Reporting & Evaluation:

      We believe in a transparent way of working when it comes to our link building services. That is why we report all backlinks. It is even possible to do a check on content and domains before execution. We like to schedule (digital) meetings with our link building consultants on a regular basis in order to keep track of the link building strategy and to redirect or adjust the strategy if necessary.