Link Building is one of the most necessary aspects of any SEO strategy, and it is significantly increasing in Slovakia. It not only helps in top-quality website links but also enhances the visibility of your website. Therefore, every business needs to use link-building strategies to increase brand awareness and achieve top rankings on the search engines

Our native Slovak link building experts are here to help you get the best quality backlinks from a pool of local websites and .SK domains. We tackle every niche and make sure to optimise your website and rank in the highest positions for your keywords.

How to Begin?

If you want your website to rank high in the Slovakian search engines, choose the best practices with Seeders. Link building is about acquiring links from high quality websites. We will build the best strategy for you by proposing different options and discussing your goals in order to best support your website. 

We have a large Slovakia publisher network

While the amount of quality platforms in Slovakia is low, we do have most of them in our network. This allows us to post frequently on qualitative local websites with our partners. It goes without saying that as the supply is limited, local websites prices are relatively expensive compared to other European countries. However, having built long lasting relationships with locals, we are able to provide affordable options even in that market. Trust us with selecting qualitative platforms tailored to your brand and with posting qualitative articles that have a direct impact on your search engine ranking. With our proven strategy, we create an organic link profile consisting of Slovakia blogs and news websites. Of course, these will all be featuring a do-follow link without any sponsored tags.

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Competitor Analysis

Firstly, we make a detailed analysis of your competition, your target audiences, the risk factors for the Slovenian market and what are the best ways to optimise your website. That will help us suggest the best strategy and work with the most effective tactics to rank higher than your competitors.


Brand visibility is one of the most crucial factors for your website ranking. Therefore, we analyse your website’s visibility by focusing on the real-world market situation. We also provide the necessary changes always while following the most recent guidelines in regards to search engines.

Qualitative articles on large Slovakia platforms

We work together with various large Slovakia platforms and websites. Through this partnership, we can place paid articles on their platforms. We ensure that these articles are tailored to your brand, and written by native Slovakia content writers.

Goal Setting

We aim to understand your goals and provide a strategy accordingly with realistic and achievable targets. We create content and provide link-building solutions which can enhance your website presence and generate traffic. Our goal is to increase your organic reach through link-building.

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Seeders are providing Slovakia link building activities for many Slovakia, European, and international companies. Through our strong network, we can achieve top rankings across industries and niches.

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