A unique link building strategy is required in Switzerland

Link building in Switzerland is challenging. Through years of experience in the Swiss market, Seeders have developed a tailored approach to have a high-performing strategy for the market.

Our wide network of high quality Swiss platforms, includes blogs, news websites, and influencers in all niches. Working closely with our native Swiss content writers, we help you achieve the best results!  

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Swiss digital PR campaign

With a PR campaign, you increase your brand exposure on the Swiss web and get strong backlinks. Our native Swiss content writers develop engaging and worth sharing articles that get coverage across various websites – maximum exposure in the Swiss market is achieved in that way.

Swiss platforms

Swiss platforms are unique, and you need to create content that Swiss websites would like to publish and Swiss users would like to read. With local knowledge we make sure to publish paid content to these platforms with engaging content and a link pointing to your website.

Reviews on Swiss websites and platforms

Positive reviews help your brand gain credibility.Our network will support you by request webmasters to post reviews about your products and services. This results in a great backlink portfolio, as well as relevant information for your target audience. Through these reviews, they can learn more about your brand on native Swiss websites.

Build on your relevant niches

We gather a list of websites related to your niche from our network, which we contact to get you strong backlinks. This is a good way to better reach your target audience, and get the high-quality backlinks for highest ranking.

The Swiss social media landscape

Many Swiss are active on social media platforms. To get exposure for your brand we work together with relevant influencers and channels, which help you target your audience as well. Together with the influencers, we develop posts that are aligned with your brand.

Often overlooked: banners

Another element that can strengthen your presence in Switzerland is the use of banners on websites. Through compensation of the webmasters, you can place a banner on high-traffic homepages that will funnel visitors to your website. This is also seen as a strong backlink at the same time!

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