Link building in Turkey: a tailored strategy is needed

With years of experience in the Turkish market, Seeders have developed a tailored strategy to tackle this market. With loads of websites and platforms, the Turkish market looks different from other markets we are active in. If you want to build a strong backlink portfolio for Turkey, you need to think about a strategy that addresses Turkish websites, influencers, and platforms.

Seeders have developed an approach that allows you to build a healthy link profile for the Turkish market. Our publisher network consists of many platforms, bloggers, influencers, news websites, and webmasters. Combined with native Turkish content writers, we can assist you in achieving top rankings in the Turkish search engine results.

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Digital PR campaigns in Turkey

Digital PR campaigns are a great way to start with link building in Turkey. Digital PR campaigns are an effective tool to build high-quality backlinks, and create brand awareness among your target audience. We work with experienced native Turkish content writers, who write engaging content that is shared across Turkish websites and platforms.

Articles with links on Turkish platforms

We work with various platforms on the Turkish market that place paid content on their platforms. We only work with high authority websites to provide you with a quality backlink. We tackle every niche and make sure you rank for your keywords.

Positive Turkish reviews and blogs

Besides posting content on our own, we also connect with relevant Turkish bloggers to post content and reviews about your brand. Through our network, we select relevant bloggers to target your right audience. A good combination of positive brand exposure and link building is key for success in the Turkish market.

Backlinks from niches related to your brand

If you want to have a strong organic profile, you need to have strong backlinks from websites active in your niche. Through our publisher network, we can support you with finding the right websites to post articles with backlinks.

Social media as an integral component

After establishing a great linking building strategy, you need to get social media strategy as well. We help you achieve this through the use of influencers and channels that increase your brand exposure. When doing so, we select suitable influencers and pages that suit your brand and its image. This creates awareness among your target audience and reinforces your link profile.

Banners on websites

Although often seen as advertisements only, they also result in quality backlinks. We leverage the network of bloggers and webmasters to place banners on their homepages, which result in exposure and quality backlinks.

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