Do-Follow Links

A "do follow" link is a reference from an (external) page to a page within your website, which Google's crawlers follow. Do follow links convey authority to the page they link to and are important for link building. In addition, to do-follow links, you also have no-follow links. You can recognize a do-follow link by the following code in the [...]

Heading Tags

What is a Heading Tag? A heading tag is a header on the page. Heading tags are meant to define the structure of the content on your website. This helps the visitor and the Googlebot better understand how the content of your page is structured. The result: better rankings! Let's start by explaining more about how you can recognize heading [...]

Keyword Density

Keyword density is still an important factor in SEO! Many articles on the internet question its importance, however we at Seeders argue that it is still an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to search engine rankings. To achieve top rankings, it is important to take into consideration the target keyword when creating any [...]

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of researching and analyzing the search terms and queries people put into search engines like Google and Bing. This research is often used in search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize organic rankings and to be more visible in search engines. That’s why keyword analysis forms the very bedrock of good rankings! But, you should keep [...]

Internal Links

What is an internal link? Internal links are references from one page to another page within your website. It is not a reference to an external website or backlink. Internal links are particularly important in SEO. That’s because internal links ensure that the visitor of the web page can go to another page within your website for a (more detailed) [...]

Anchor Text

WHAT IS AN ANCHOR TEXT? Anchor text refers to the visible and clickable word or phrase with a hyperlink behind it. It is typically highlighted and underlined in a different color from the surrounding text to signify that it is clickable and leads to another webpage or blog post. A very familiar example is the ''click here'' which appears in [...]

No-Follow Links

A no-follow link is a link with a 'no-follow' attribute in the (source) code. By using this, you're telling Google that they don't need to follow the link. As a result, no link value is passed on to another page. However, no-follow links play an important role in link building!  No-follow Links and SEO   The main reason for making [...]

Google PageSpeed

Over the past few years, the loading speed of a web page has become increasingly important in technical SEO. Thanks to Google Core updates, it is now more critical than ever for websites to load quickly and be user-friendly. But how do you measure a website's loading speed, and how can you improve it? We've compiled all the key points [...]