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Are you looking for an expert Google Ads agency in France? Do you think your French Google Ads could perform better? Seeders has over 15 years of experience with Google Ads management and can help to get the most out of the French market. Leads, sales, traffic… you name it, we will realize it!

Seeders is an international Search agency, with native Google Ads specialists in the main international markets! Our French PPC team has great experience with setting up and optimizing Google Ads accounts for international companies. Of course, we are a Google Partner agency.

  • Native French Google Ads specialists, English language account management
  • Certified experts in Search, Shopping, Display & Video campaigns
  • Focus on profitable campaigns: more growth, less costs
  • French PPC specialists both in our Lyon and Barcelona offices
  • Free audit of your existing Ad account
  • Transparent way of working, without long-term contracts

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    Seeders is an international PPC agency with offices in France and other important online markets. We are one of the few agencies that have their own multi-lingual team being able to help companies scale internationally. We offer quality services and a uniform way of working and reporting in all countries we work in, with a single point of contact. This helps our international customers to be on top and to be able to measure results in the same way rather than working with local agencies with different approaches per country. So, we offer the best of two worlds: campaign alignment between countries, but including a local touch to the Ad campaigns, based on the individual languages and cultures.

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    France is the world´s seventh economy and in Europe the third economy. In terms of e-commerce revenue, France is even second in Europe and sixth at world-level. With 65 million inhabitants and 89% being online, this market has a huge potential for online companies. French consumers and businesses are used to buying online, which results in good conversion rates compared to less mature e-commerce countries.
    A lot of sectors are still dominated by local players, offering very interesting growth opportunities for international companies. Seeders is your advertising agency in France, with a local office in Lyon and more advertising specialists in our other international offices. Our French Ads specialists will help you to get the most out of this huge market!


    Even though France is a huge economy, with lots of multinationals, the French language and culture are still very essential elements to connect with your local target market. Basically, to have success in the local market, your website, campaigns, and communication need to be in perfect French. For this reason, it is essential to work with a French advertising agency with French ads specialists. For example, French communication can be quite formal, especially in B2B environments. So we will make sure campaigns will fit with local practices.
    The same goes for visuals, often we see differences between the markets where we are active in. Testing copy and visuals will help to increase CTR and conversion rates. So, rather than simply translating existing campaigns our teams are focused on testing and optimizing each message, adapting communication to the local target group.
    If you have doubts about the way your website matches local practices, Seeders offers a “France-proof” scan. This includes a visual and functional check by our French team, looking at important pages like Home, Category pages, Product pages and Checkout funnel with our recommendations for improvement. This helps you to get better conversion on traffic, meaning your paid campaigns will have better return on investment allowing faster growth.

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    As a specialized French paid search agency, the team of Seeders is very experienced with the main advertising platforms. We are not just an Adwords agency in France, but we also have experience with Bing, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn ads, etc. Still, with 90% of the market share for Google, one of the most powerful platforms to generate a presence and obtain relevant traffic is Google Ads.
    Seeders can help you with Google Shopping, Search, Display, etc, allowing your products and services to be present during the full buying funnel. From generating awareness to conversion-based campaigns and retargeting. We like to describe ourselves as paid search craftsmen but with the use of modern technology to work in a smart and effective way. We are on top of technologies like AI, Chat GPT, and automation tools allowing us to work efficiently and to spend your budget in an intelligent way, based on your goals.


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