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Do you need a professional Google Ads agency in Italy? Do you wish to improve the performance of your Italian Google Ads campaigns? The paid advertising team of Seeders has over 15 years of expertise with creating and optimising all types of ad campaigns in Italy. Our agency can definitely help you to get the most out of the Italian market. We have experience with all types of sectors and customer types, so we are used to generating leads, sales, relevant traffic or branding in an efficient way. Tell us your targets and we will make you reach them!

As a specialised international search marketing agency, Seeders has a team of Google Ads experts in the most important languages. We have been a certified Google Partner agency for many years and our Italian PPC team is very experienced in getting the most out of our client budgets. We are used to working both for local and multinational customers, amongst them businesses who have their own marketing departments in different countries.

  • Italian Google Ads specialists, account contact in your preferred language
  • Certified professionals in Google Shopping,Search, Video and Display campaigns
  • Southern European office with Italian PPC specialists
  • Target based approach: we are eager to reach your KPIs
  • Transparent way of working, no obligatory long term contracts
  • Free of charge ads account audit with expert recommendations!

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    We are an international PPC agency with offices in many countries, including a native Italian ads team. Seeders is one of the few online marketing agencies with a multi-lingual team, allowing you to scale internationally without barriers. Rather than having to work with different local agencies per country, Seeders offers their clients a professional way of working sharing best practices between the different countries and global reporting. This enhances insights, comparison between countries and getting the most out of each market using native experts per country, working for you in one team. So, we combine a local market approach with overall reporting and account management.

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    Italy is one of the world´s largest economies, occupying rank 8 in terms of GDP. In Europe Italy is the third economy, so this is a country with a huge potential for foreign companies. As for e-commerce, Italy comes behind Germany, France and Spain in Europe. With around 59 million inhabitants and around 85% being online, Italy has great potential for online companies.

    Italy is internationally oriented but most sectors are still dominated by local players, which can offer interesting opportunities for international online businesses. With a native Italian team, Seeders is your advertising agency in Italy! Our Italian Ads experts can help you to get more out of this big market. As we have offices throughout Europe, we can also help you grow in other countries and we can communicate in the language which is most convenient for you.


    Most young Italians speak quite a bit of English, but to really conquer this country it is important to have an Italian language website. As most Italians search in their own language, the traffic potential is much higher. The same goes for conversion rates: a website in perfect Italian and native Italian marketing campaigns will definitely make the difference when aiming to grow online in Italy.
    Seeders has a team of native Italian marketing experts who can help you to optimise texts and visuals, to adapt your communication to the local target group. Instead of just translating your international campaigns, we can help you to create the right tone of voice and to use the best keywords for your paid search ads and for organic positioning.
    Both for B2B and e-commerce companies it is recommended to have Italian people to deal with questions. This will diminish language barriers and improve conversions. The same goes for having an Italian phone number on your website and showing other trust signs, like customer reviews. As a foreign company you will need to gain the trust of the local target group.
    Seeders offers a ´Italy proof´ website scan to make sure your Italian web matches common local practices. A better converting website will allow your to scale faster as the return on your SEA campaigns will be higher. Contact us for more insights from your SEA agency in Italy!


    “For years now, the team at Seeders has been a partner and advisor in the ever changing landscape of advertising on google. Their expertise in google and knowledge of local markets have helped us to grow and succeed in countries like France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.” 

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    Seeders has been active on the Italian market for many years. Apart from our expertise with running successful Google Ads campaigns, we can also help you with Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing ads). Even though Google has 93% market share, other search engines can still offer good opportunities.
    We are a specialized paid search agency in Italy, but we can also help you with advertising beyond search, for example on social platforms, like Facebook advertising and LinkedIn Ads. Basically, we help our clients to be present in the full customer journey, from the orientation phase to conversion and of course reactivation.
    Seeders ads experts are real specialists who love their work. We also like using technology, automating processes where possible, giving our team more time for analysis and improvements of your campaigns. We are result driven and we are eager to learn more about your KPI´s, so we can start working on achieving your goals!


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