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Do you search for an experienced Google Ads agency in Spain? Are you not happy with the current performance of your Spanish Google Ads campaigns? Seeders has more than 15 years of expertise with setting up and optimising Ad campaigns in Spain. We can surely help you to get the most out of the Spanish market. Leads, sales, relevant traffic, we help you reach your targets!

As a specialised international Search agency, we have native Google Ads experts in the most important languages. Seeders is a Google Partner agency and our Spanish PPC team is very experienced in getting the most out of our client budgets. We are used to working both for local and international customers, including companies who have their own marketing departments in different countries.

  • Spanish Google Ads specialists, account contact in your preferred language
  • Local office with PPC specialists Spain (Barcelona)
  • Certified professionals in Google Shopping,Search, Video and Display campaigns
  • KPI based approach: we are eager to reach your targets!
  • Free Ads account audit with our expert recommendations
  • Transparent way of working, no obligatory long term contracts

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    Seeders is an international PPC agency with offices in Spain and other important online markets. We are one of the few digital marketing agencies with a multi-lingual team, allowing us to help companies scale internationally. Instead of having to work with different local agencies per country, Seeders offers their clients native experts with a similar way of working and the same way of reporting in all countries we work in. This enables comparison of results per country and sharing best practices, while at the same time adapting campaigns to local languages and cultures.

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    Spain is the fourth economy of Europe and currently number 14 in the world. As for e-commerce, Spain also is number four in Europe, behind Germany, United Kingdom and France. With 47 million inhabitants and 88% being online, Spain has lots of potential for online companies. According to Statista, Spanish ecommerce revenues will grow on average 10% yearly between 2023 and 2027. Take into account as well that the Spanish language is also spoken in most of South America, raising significantly the amount of potential traffic and possible clients for your website. Spanish consumers are particularly advanced on mobile devices, making mobile traffic an important revenue driver.
    Even though Spain is internationally oriented, many sectors are still dominated by local players, offering great potential for international companies. With a local office in Barcelona, Seeders is your advertising agency in Spain! Our Spanish Ads specialists will help you to get the most out of this huge market. Thanks to our offices throughout Europe, we can also help you grow in other countries and we can attend to you in the language that is convenient for you.


    To become successful in Spain it is important to connect to the local target group. Understanding the Spanish language and culture is essential to connect with your local target group. So, your website and campaigns should be in perfect Spanish. Our local Spanish marketing specialists can help you to optimise texts and visuals, so your communication will be fully adapted. Rather than just translating campaigns and messages, we can help you to create the right tone of voice and to use the best keywords for your paid search campaigns.
    In Spain it is also important to generate trust and to have a Spanish language customer service. These elements will help to increase conversions and to take away possible barriers for your growth on the local market. Seeders offers a ´Spain proof´ scan to make sure your website is adapted to common practices. This way your SEA campaigns in Spain will have a better return on investment allowing you to scale faster. Contact us for more tips from your SEA agency in Spain!


    “For years now, the team at Seeders has been a partner and advisor in the ever changing landscape of advertising on google. Their expertise in google and knowledge of local markets have helped us to grow and succeed in countries like France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.” 

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    Seeders is very experienced running successful Google Ads campaigns and, being a Spanish paid search agency, we can also help you with presence on Bing. Even though Google has 95% market share, Bing still offers interesting opportunities. Of course we can also help you with advertising beyond search, for example on social platforms, like Facebook advertising and LinkedIn Ads. Typically we help our customers to be present in the whole customer journey, from orientation to conversion and reactivation.
    Seeders ads specialists are real craftsmen with love for their work, making processes more fun and more efficient by using technologies and automation where possible. We are performance driven and we are looking forward to hearing about your KPI´s so we can start working on achieving your goals!


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