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Link building in Denmark: adjust your strategy and go with the flow

Seeders has been active on the Danish market for years. Although the market is very different from the Dutch and English, the right approach will deliver you the results you want. Leveraging our vast publisher network in Denmark, we are able to support you in building a strong link profile. Using this network, we can make link building in Denmark work for everyone.

We have a strong Danish network

Denmark is doing things differently. The country does not have startpages and clones, requiring to adjust your strategy. The lack of these startpages and directories makes the quality of backlinks even more important than quantity. This is different from the Dutch market, where the quantity of backlinks does matter.

To retrieve high quality Danish backlinks, you need to utilise your network. We have worked years to built our network in the Danish market and are ready to leverage it. Our publisher network consists of large and renowned Danish websites, blogs and other media types.

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Danish press releases on news websites

We have a group of native Danish content writer at our disposal. They will write press releases including a link to your website and publish these on the large Danish platforms. Hereby you not only receive a quality backlink, but also national brand awareness. Besides that, we also share your press releases with Danish journalists to increase your reach.

Positive articles and reviews on Danish blogs

Another way to generate qualitative backlinks is contacting Danish bloggers. We have a large network of bloggers that can write positive articles about your brand.

Articles with links on well-known Danish platforms

We have connections with the largest Danish platforms and websites. We can post articles to these platforms via the use of our native Danish writers. Hereby you will both receive brand awareness as well as an authoritative backlink.

Strong backlinks for every niche in Denmark

We have contacts within every niche market in Denmark. Want to make use of a specific subject or target audience? We’ve got you covered. By approaching webmasters in your niche market, we can retrieve quality backlinks on relevant websites.

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Seeders serves Dutch, Danish and international companies, including activities for link building in Denmark. By offering qualitative backlinks, we help our clients reach top rankings in the search engine results for every segment.

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