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Link building in Finland is a challenge

Compared to most European countries, link building in Finland is challenging. This is the result of two important components: supply and demand. There are fewer platforms available to post content, and there is also limited to no use of start pages and clones. Next to that, it is harder to find high-quality native Finnish content writers. To enable an effective Finnish link building strategy, working together with a partner like Seeders is key.

Large Finnish publisher network

Seeders have been active in the Finnish market for years and have accumulated a strong publisher network across the country. Although extensive for Finnish standards, it is relatively small compared to other European countries (e.g., Germany and France). This also results in higher costs for qualitative backlinks. To enable a suitable Finnish link building strategy, we leverage the publisher network that consists of bloggers and news websites. These sites allow us to post quality content on authoritative domains. When executing your Finland link building strategy, we make sure to create an organic link profile that consists of do-follow links without sponsored tags.

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Finnish press releases on news websites

Our native Finnish content writers enable you to post quality news articles on Finnish news websites. These articles will be placed including a backlink to your article. This will increase awareness for your company and also provide you with a quality backlink.

Positive reviews and articles by Finnish bloggers

Not only do we leverage our writers, but we also have a network of Finnish bloggers and influencers. Using this network, we create brand awareness through the use of blogs and reviews of your products and services. These articles will be accompanied by a backlink, resulting in a strong and relevant backlink profile. 

Quality articles on Finnish platforms

We work together with the largest Finnish platforms and websites. This collaboration allows us to place paid articles on their platforms, which are equipped with a link to your website. Using our native Finnish writers, we ensure alignment with both the platform and your brand to increase brand recognition.

Finnish backlinks for every niche

Leveraging Finnish bloggers is one thing, but we also use our network of webmasters. These website owners are active across industries and niches in Finland. This enables us to find relevant niches that cater to the same audience as your company. This raises awareness among your target audience and also provides high-quality backlinks.


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