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Let’s grow your business and build authority in Portugal! With our team of online marketers experts in the Portuguese market, we can help you with high-quality link building in Portugal to drive better rankings and organic traffic in Portuguese search engines. Sounds great? Let’s tell you a bit more about what our agency can do for your business!

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Although Portugal is a small country, it’s an interesting market because online competition is quite limited in many sectors. Seeders have more than 10 years of experience in this country and have become the leading link building agency for businesses in the Portuguese market.
So when it has to do with link building, it’s a small market, with a relatively small number of publishers. Through years of experience in the Portuguese market and because of our native team, we have direct access to most of the leading quality Portuguese websites and blogs to publish in. Regarding this particular market, we usually recommend our clients to do a high-quality link-building approach, which increases authority and positions for key pages. However, given the number of available websites, a large-scale quantitative link building campaign is also more complicated in Portugal.
Generally, digital newspapers with local news offer the best quality and value for link building in Portugal. Quality topic-specific websites, niche related, are more limited. In addition, our catalog of Portuguese media is characterized by domains with the local TLD .pt and by .com domains with most of their traffic coming from Portugal. Both TLDs are common in Portugal. Since Portuguese is also spoken in Brazil, this is something we take into account when selecting domains. However, depending on your purposes, we can also provide links from Brazil, for example, if you are targeting Portuguese-speaking audiences outside Portugal.
At Seeders, we can help you design a winning strategy to build the right links in the Portuguese market to reach the top in your online niche.

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To boost your brand awareness, drive customer engagement and increase conversions in the Portuguese online market, it’s crucial to adopt a tailored link building strategy that takes into account the cultural differences and language nuances of the Portuguese audience. At the start, we usually conduct a Portuguese keyword analysis to determine the most appropriate focus keywords for the Portuguese market and for your audience in Portugal. This will give a good idea of the potential and the competition in your sector. Furthermore, we take into account factors like competitor link profiles and current positions. Based on this initial analysis, we define a custom strategy to get the most out of your link building budget and to grow positions and relevant traffic as fast as possible. Off-site SEO, in particular backlinks, is an essential element to improve the position of a website in search results. So, building quality links to your website is crucial, and it is an ongoing process. By following a good strategy, you can steadily increase your site’s traffic and improve your rankings in Portuguese search engines and grow organic traffic.


Seeders focuses on qualitative and natural link building. As a specialized Portuguese link building agency, we have a proven track record of getting top positions in Google for our customers. We work for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small and medium size companies to multinationals. Our team always keeps a close eye on Google’s algorithm updates and ensures that every link we build includes a healthy mix of keywords and relevant anchor texts. With our native Portuguese writers, we ensure informative and engaging content! This way we work on a natural link profile adapted to the Portuguese market, using Portuguese domains with traffic and visibility in Portugal. To select suitable domains, we make use of tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Majestic, and many others.


Seeders has been active in the Portuguese market for over 10 years, and we build lots of links in that market on a monthly basis. This is how we built up strong collaborations with Portuguese bloggers, media, and news websites. Since finding relevant websites and communicating with them in Portuguese can be quite cumbersome for international companies, or companies without in-house link building experts, over the years many companies chose to work with Seeders. Through our network of direct contacts, we can surely help you to make your Portuguese link building more efficient, both in terms of speed and pricing. With our local expertise and native writers, you can be sure that your brand will connect with the right audience and achieve better results in Portuguese search engines.


In Portugal, we also provide support to other agencies. We can work white label for your clients, or we can operate as strategic and executive local partners in the Portuguese market. In this manner, you can offer extra value to your clients, using our Portuguese network and native marketing experts! Seeders has long-term partnerships with agencies in the Portuguese market, as well as in the other international markets we are operating in. Simply contact us to learn more about our Portugal link building services for agencies!


Apart from link building, Seeders offers multi-language online marketing support to our clients. For organic positioning, our native team can help you with onsite SEO in Portugal as well. As an official Google partner, we can also help you with Paid Search in Portugal, like Google Ads. We’ll make sure you can reach maximum visibility and traffic on your Portuguese website, of course, focused on relevance. Because more visibility means more traffic and better chances to obtain new customers and revenue!

High-quality native content writers

From the Seeders Barcelona office, we manage all of our link building activities for the Portuguese market. Apart from an extensive catalog of Portuguese media and publishers, we offer high-quality content writers, with expertise in different areas, to provide unique and highly relevant articles for your business.

Flexible And Transparent Way Of Working

At Seeders, we believe in our service, and this is proven by the hundreds of clients who have been with us for years. Because, we offer a completely transparent and adaptive way of working, based on your needs, without compulsory long-term contracts.

Portuguese Digital PR Campaigns

Digital PR is a surefire way to get high-quality and unique backlinks in addition to guest posts. At Seeders, we have a great database of Portuguese journalists and native Portuguese writers ready to write engaging press releases for your target audience, often resulting in exposure and high-quality backlinks. Contact us for more information on digital PR in Portugal.

Direct Contact With Portuguese Journalists And Bloggers

Thanks to many years of outreach and collaborations in Portugal, we built up an extensive catalog of websites and webmasters, so we can help you to achieve relevant quality links without hassles.

10+ Years Experience In Link Building And SEO

Seeders is a very specialized global search agency. We operate in numerous markets and sectors for all kinds of businesses. Did you know that our global 140+ team has experience in onsite SEO, technical SEO, and offsite SEO? This is where we can help you achieve top organic positions in Portugal!

Global Team With An International Focus

Seeders operates as a single entity with local offices and local teams working in the leading online markets. This means that we can help clients roll out in many countries, with one operating method for organic and paid search!


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