SEO in China

SEO is more of a long-term plan. Excellent SEO implementation may create quality leads and high-value traffic to your website for up to many years after you start. Furthermore, the SEO plan will provide organic visitors to your company. Maintaining your SEO approach for a lengthy period can reap the rewards. For example, the longer your SEO is accessible to Chinese search engines, the higher your page ranking will be, directly bringing more quality visitors to your site. 


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    SEO In China

    Given Google’s dominance in many other major industrial countries, utilizing such efforts to enter China’s market is unnecessary. SEO for a Chinese audience differs significantly from SEO for a Western one. While there is some indication that a tiny percentage of consumers utilize Google to get information, the environment is undeniably controlled by local players. 

    Although some individuals in China use Google, Baidu is the most popular search engine there.

    The SEO market in China has grown at an incredible rate in a very short period. According to the survey, China’s SEO sector is on its way to exceeding the $10 billion threshold in terms of growth. Because the Chinese internet evolved at a breakneck pace, it took a while for firms to realize the value of developing an efficient online marketing strategy. For SEO China, search engine marketing currently accounts for the majority of the digital marketing business. 

    Only by getting prominent in Chinese search engines can companies from other countries obtain access to these clients. They are, nevertheless, guided by a separate set of norms. As a result, it is critical for foreign enterprises to develop an SEO strategy that is customized to the specific characteristics of China’s digital world. And the earlier you get into this industry, the better — early entry may improve firm sales, and the benefits are cumulative. 

    In such a scenario, succeeding in the local online sphere can be a challenge. Therefore, experienced SEO specialists at Seeders help you establish a successful SEO strategy that works for the search engines in China. They use well-developed on-page and off-page tactics to deliver long-term search rankings that result in quality leads and sales. Seeders will make decisions focused on long-term benefits rather than immediate benefits.

    Techniques for SEO



    Finding keywords (basically the terms consumers type into search engines) for which you will rank highest and attract the most targeted customers is a crucial aspect of any SEO strategy.  There are many different keywords to choose from when optimizing your website for Chinese search engines. Keywords in local languages for local search engines with a high search volume but low competition are ideal. Yet, striking the correct mix between the two is essential.


    High-Quality Content

    In the internet age, businesses of all sizes must be able to provide high-quality content if they want to succeed in China. With over 1.3 billion internet users and a growing appetite for online content, businesses can produce high-quality information to keep customers engaged and drive traffic back to their websites. Also, ensure that the content produced is relevant and in the local language as most consumers there prefer Chinese. 


    Link Building

    Establishing high-quality backlinks remains a significant factor for SEO. It is because search engines perceive other websites linking to your content as a stamp of approval, and it helps them to provide users with better research. Link Building always attracts the audience with targeted services. And this is where SEO experts like us at Seeders will provide complete support and guidance.



    To be able to measure the impact of our SEO strategy for Europe, we of course do monthly evaluations of the results of our efforts. On that same monthly basis we also report back about the various backlink placements. With our custom ranking tool we analyse the individual performance of each of the keywords we are targeting. And of course you yourself get access to these results as well, to track your ranking progress in real-time.


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