SEO in Japan

SEO (search engine optimization) is a practice used on websites to improve their visibility in search engines. By optimizing a website for search engines, enterprises can increase traffic and leads to your business. SEO affects how people find and use your website, so it is integral to take the time to do it correctly. It is a vital part of the online marketing strategy for a few reasons, including:


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    • It can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). It can lead to increased traffic and conversion rates.
    • SEO can help you improve your brand recognition and visibility.
    • It can help you attract new customers from the search engines.
    • Search Engine Optimization can help you maintain your ranking in the search engine results pages over time.

    SEO in Japan

    In Japan, search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical part of online marketing. With such a large population and growing internet usage, it’s no wonder that search engine ranking is so important.

    Local businesses must focus on website optimization for Japanese search engines to rank high on the results page. Yet, it can be challenging for businesses not used to the Japanese language, layout, and search engine criteria used in Japan. In such conditions, few resources can help with this process as the SEO specialists in Seeders. They will provide an excellent roadmap for both on-page and off-page SEO needs which will help your business gain higher ranking and awareness.

    SEO techniques in Japan


    Keyword Strategies for Japanese Markets

    When expanding a business into new markets, it is important to consider the unique language and cultural differences that may impact how your product or service is received. In the case of Japan, companies should focus on utilizing Japanese keywords in their online marketing campaigns to reach potential customers. Because English keywords are not always recognized by Japanese search engines and using Japanese keywords can help improve the visibility of your website. Additionally, since most Japanese people do not speak English fluently, using keywords in their native language will make it easier for them to find your site and learn more about what you can offer.

    Finally, localization is critical in Japan, and incorporating Japanese keywords into your marketing strategy can help ensure that your message is communicated appropriately to potential customers in this market.


    Content for Japanese business

    When starting a business in Japan, it is fundamental to properly understand the cultural nuances and what content will be most effective for your target audience. As most of the population speaks Japanese, businesses should focus on producing content in the Japanese language. It will help to gain more audience attention and attract local customers.


    Optimizing Websites

    When optimizing sites for Japan, the website content must be translated into Japanese. Some specific icons and images are popular in Japan that should be used on the website. Also, it is vital to use a web host which is located in Japan to ensure good load times for Japanese users. In case, you are not well-versed with the Japanese market, professionals at Seeders will help you with the local requirements.



    To be able to measure the impact of our SEO strategy for Europe, we of course do monthly evaluations of the results of our efforts. On that same monthly basis we also report back about the various backlink placements. With our custom ranking tool we analyse the individual performance of each of the keywords we are targeting. And of course you yourself get access to these results as well, to track your ranking progress in real-time.


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