Programmatic SEO

SEO has traditionally been a manual process requiring skilled specialists. However, with advancements in artificial intelligence and automation, new opportunities have emerged, notably ‘Programmatic SEO’. This approach, gaining traction with the evolution of language models like those seen in ChatGPT, allows for the automated generation of content like landing pages, category pages, and product or meta descriptions. This means a significant efficiency boost in SEO work and an incredible increase in scalability and consistency for your website or platform.

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    Data-driven search engine optimization

    The beauty of an automated system is its reliance on a solid data foundation. Whether it’s real-time website crawl data or keyword trends and volumes from tools like Ahrefs, all this information is aggregated to craft an effective strategy. These data sources then form the basis for our automated SEO activities.

    Automation and APIs

    In marketing, the goal is to make systems work for you. There are endless tools each providing unique insights. At Seeders, we connect these platforms, feeding key insights into algorithms. This includes metrics from Ahrefs, Majestic, SE Ranking, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. Programmatic SEO combines these data sources into a self-directing algorithm, poised to elevate your site to new levels. It’s automation and tooling at its finest!

    Dynamically Optimizing On-Site Content

    Programmatic SEO isn’t just about visibility; it’s about exponentially growing that visibility. By automating the optimization of on-site content, such as product descriptions and category pages, you can rapidly deploy fully optimized content. But it doesn’t stop there. Existing pages not performing well? They too can be included in the optimization scope, subjected to continuous optimization based on the latest keyword and ranking data extracted in real-time from our APIs.

    Automated A/B Testing

    A/B testing is an effective way to incrementally optimize your website. Beyond findability, your site must perform its intended function. By integrating various data sources, we can evaluate the performance of different page variants, then automatically implement the winning variant across similar pages. Scalability is key in programmatic SEO.

    Control Results with Templates and Real-Time Monitoring

    To ensure seamless content integration on your website, we use optimized programmatic SEO templates. These templates guide you towards consistent, high rankings and exponential traffic growth. This process is supported by real-time monitoring techniques that keep a close eye on your website’s key performance metrics. Based on these performances, we continuously refine our templates and strategies for growth.

    Can I Start with Programmatic SEO?

    Definitely! However, it’s important to note that programmatic SEO is designed for large-scale operations. Algorithms and automation truly excel when applied to substantial datasets.