Link juice

Link juice is a term that refers to the value or equity transferred from one page or site to another through hyperlinks. This concept is pivotal in understanding how sites pass authority to one another, influencing search rankings and online visibility. What is Link Juice? Link juice, in essence, is a measurement of the power a backlink (or inbound link) [...]

Spam Score

The spam score ranges from 0 to 100, indicating how much your website is seen as unwanted. The higher the score, the worse your website is performing. The spam score is determined by the quality of backlinks you receive and is issued by Moz. A higher score increases the likelihood of your website receiving a penalty from Google. You do [...]

Do-Follow Links

A "do follow" link is a reference from an (external) page to a page within your website, which Google's crawlers follow. Do follow links convey authority to the page they link to and are important for link building. In addition, to do-follow links, you also have no-follow links. You can recognize a do-follow link by the following code in the [...]

Internal Links

What is an internal link? Internal links are references from one page to another page within your website. It is not a reference to an external website or backlink. Internal links are particularly important in SEO. That’s because internal links ensure that the visitor of the web page can go to another page within your website for a (more detailed) [...]

Anchor Text

WHAT IS AN ANCHOR TEXT? Anchor text refers to the visible and clickable word or phrase with a hyperlink behind it. It is typically highlighted and underlined in a different color from the surrounding text to signify that it is clickable and leads to another webpage or blog post. A very familiar example is the ''click here'' which appears in [...]

No-Follow Links

A no-follow link is a link with a 'no-follow' attribute in the (source) code. By using this, you're telling Google that they don't need to follow the link. As a result, no link value is passed on to another page. However, no-follow links play an important role in link building!  No-follow Links and SEO   The main reason for making [...]


What are backlinks? Backlinks or inbound links are links from a page on one website to another website. These are essentially popularity votes for search engines like Google that indicate a websites popularity, credibility and authority. For SEO purposes, backlinks are crucial and valuable for your SEO strategy, therefore, it is important to regularly maintain and monitor the inbound links [...]