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Are you ready to level up your business and improve your organic traffic and Google’s rankings? Are you curious about link building and the potential it has for your business? Then you may be interested in outsourcing your link building plans to a trusted agency with a proven successful track record of high quality backlinks. Seeders, is that agency. We have over 10 years of experience across 5 continents in link building and SEO for over 700 clients. With Seeders, you get a world class team determined to help you improve your business potential.


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    There are several reasons why you might choose to outsource your link building services to Seeders. Below we list the most important ones:

    • You keep control and insight in the process
    • Relatively low costs
    • Keeping up with your competition in the field
    • Staying up-to-date
    • Increasing your website traffic
    • Available knowledge and skills of our experts
    • Advise on the quality of content & your website as a whole
    • 53% of users click on organic search results
    •  Results on the first page of Google receive 92% of all search traffic

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    Outsource Link Building Services to an agency with expert knowledge

    Our goal at Seeders is to make a difference in the world of SEO and we pride ourselves on the services we provide for our clients’ link building services. We guarantee our clients reliability, transparency, flexible terms and most importantly high quality backlinks.


    Reliable & transparent

    Link building with Seeders means you have a partner to walk with you in your link building efforts. We believe working as partners is the most efficient way to a successful outcome rather than swooping in and taking complete control of our clients link building activities. That is why we ensure to stay in regular contact with our clients providing a monthly report with results and insights for our clients to make informed decisions.


    Flexible terms

    With Seeders, you are not locked into a year-long contract which means you are free to cancel after every month. We believe in our work and the results but we believe in giving our clients the freedom to choose.


    High quality Backlinking

    We have built an extensive network of over 55,000 websites and with our experienced content creators we have the ability to publish a lot of high quality blogs to acquire as many high quality backlinks as possible.

    Expert Link Building Services for B2B companies

    In e-commerce, all customer journeys start online so whether your business is B2B or B2C, you can benefit from a structured and well thought out link building strategy. Luckily, at Seeders, we have it all covered. We acquire backlinks for your website on a category level and on a page level. Our link building consultants are ready to help you every step along the way to determine what strategies are best for your business.

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    White label SEO Link Building Services for Agencies

    SEO-oriented companies are increasingly deciding to outsource their digital marketing plans to agencies and companies with experts that specialize in these services. Seeders is one of these agencies that specializes in international digital marketing and link building for SEO companies. Where we stand out is that we work with all our clients in a strategic partnership to formulate a well rounded SEO strategy not limited to link building.

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    What is link building in SEO?

    In SEO the definition of link building is the method of generating high quality backlinks from external websites. These backlinks can be seen as a vote for your own domain and increase your online authority and visibility. The most important indicators within link building are:

    • Relevance
    • Domain authority of the external website (DA)

    Why is link building important for SEO?

    When you have your own website you naturally want to score as high as possible in Google. This is exactly what link building can do. Link building can highly increase your online visibility and authority. The most important reason link building is important when you want your brand or product to score high in search engines is that it has a lot of effect and can give you more visible results than other SEO strategies. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is essential to focus on quality rather than quantity in your link building strategy.

    What are the benefits of building links in SEO?

    So how does link building help SEO? A good link building strategy can make Google regard your domain as important within search results. Google wants to show visitors the most relevant results and that is why it is important to have as many relevant and qualitative backlinks. At the same time, these backlinks produce a lot of traffic to your domain, which means more possible clients or customers. Therefore, a good link building strategy can eventually lead to more online visibility in your field or sector and really let you stand out as an authority with your service or product.

    How to get backlinks from high authority sites?

    The best way to acquire backlinks from high authority sites is to partner up with a professional link building agency. An agency like this has an extensive network of quality placements, ready to utilize for the organic visibility growth of your website.

    Does link building still work?

    Yes, link building still works for boosting your organic growth. While lower-quality link building strategies, like directory links, have reduced in effectiveness, strategies like Digital PR have blossomed into extremely effective ways to acquire organic, well-deserved link placements. 

    How to build links to your website?

    When you don’t know how to build links for your website Seeders can help. We offer different methods of link building. We can provide successful PR campaigns for our clients in which we create high quality press releases in order to generate backlinks with the highest link worth. Besides that our experts can create a successful back link profile for your domain. On top of that tiered link building can be an option to ensure that your backlinks become even stronger. Within Seeders we have a large publishing network that focuses on placing high quality blogs and articles with backlinks to your domain. Our experts are capable of looking for the most relevant platforms for the field or sector you are active in.

    What is white hat (organic) and black hat link building?

    Seeders only provides white hat link building for its clients. That means that we set up strategies that follow Google’s guidelines. In other words, white hat link building can be seen as a form of ethical SEO. Next to following Google’s rules and guidelines, white hat link building is also focused on improving the quality of the content and to keep looking at the needs of the visitors of a website or domain. Black hat link building has the tendency to violate Google’s guidelines. When Google notices these violations, penalties might be given. Seeders wants to protect its clients from that.

    Does Seeders do link building for resellers?

    Seeders decided to also open up its services for resellers. Our experts can set up a link building strategy for your company and act as a strategic partner in the process. Seeders has all the tools to help resellers gain more online visibility and authority. Profit from our reseller link building services with an extensive international publisher network and take your company to a higher level.